Register her Prepaid numberi For an ext Secure

According come the regulation of set of interaction & Informatics number 10/2010, Indonesian federal government will obligate all Prepaid customer to register dari mereka number, using a validated National identity Number/ NIK. You deserve to enjoy more benefits by re-registering your present prepaid number.

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apa is Prepaid customer Registration?

Prepaid customer Registration is one obligated identification registration process that applies to the brand-new and currently prepaid customers, who has actually not been validated (“Customer”), by using the precious data of identification as taped in ‘Civil Registry’ the Republic that Indonesia (“Ditjen Dukcapil”). This regulation juga applies come every new Postpaid customer.

apa is the function of this regulation?

To defend the civil society and telecommunication client from possibility of crime action or hacking initiatives by part irresponsible party (such together terrorism, phishing, spamming, cyber crime etc). Thus customers deserve to have a comfortable endure in using telecommunication servicesTo provide easiness of solutions for customers either in virtual transaction or cashless paymentThe valid customers data have the right to be usage for financial Inclusion matters, fund circulation or government menganugerahkan and etc

No.Previous registration

New Registration


Register using ID Number, Name, Address, Birthplace/Date, ROID (Retail/Outlet ID) & write-up Code

Register melihat National Identity sourse (NIK) & family Registers number on electronic ID & family members Registers (KK)


No validation process

There is validation procedure to the taped data in nationwide ‘Civil Registry’


Only executed by telco operator outlets or partners

Applies for diri sendiri registration, telco operator outlets, partners and also contact center

No. The prepaid registration procedure is mandatory to all existing customers, also as brand-new customers

Yes, new and existing customers have the right to do diri sendiri registration with the conditions of attaching NIK, KK & KTP (ID card) which room registered in national Civil Registry.

Yes, customers may tambahan come come telco operator outlets or its partners by happen the requirements.

Requirements come be prepared by client are:

For Indonesian citizens (WNI):

E-KTP (Electronics identifier Card)Family map (KK)

For however, (Foreigners):

PassportKITAP (Stay permit Card)KITAS (Temporary stay Permit Card)

maafkan saya are the details in Family register Card (KK) and Electronic identifier card forced to execute prepaid registration?

The compelled information are:

16 digits of nationwide Identification number (NIK)16 digits of Family itu terdaftar Card (KK)

Can brand-new and existing customers still execute registration if they space yet to have Family register Card and Electronic id card?

Yes, they can. If customers carry out not have electronic ID card, they might use national Identification number (NIK) i m sorry is proclaimed on their Family daftar Card (KK). If they do not have actually Family itu terdaftar Card (KK), lock cannot do registration.

For customers, together follow:

New customers:

Type: REGNIK#KK Number# send come 4444

Example: REG 1234567890123456#3201060401130027#

Existing customers:

Type: ULANGNIK#KK Number# send come 4444

Example: diulang 1234567890123456#3201060401130027#

Foreign Citizens might do prepaid registration by coming to telco operator outlets or the partners and also bringing identification card in the membentuk of passport/Temporary continue to be Permit card (KITAS)/Permanent remain Permit map (KITAP). The outlet staff will kemudian record name, passport/Temporary stay Permit map (KITAS)/Permanent stay Permit map (KITAP) number, citizenship, and also Date & location of Birth.

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Yes. The validation procedure is a part of prepaid registration process. In this validation process, customers identity information will be validated through the database of nationwide Civil Registry.