fasettoblog.com PraBayar

Combo SAKTI Package

Enjoy the internet, calls, and also SMS solutions in one Combo SAKTI package v a bigger quota based upon your needs.

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Special for you

A combo package much more suitable for your needs.


Bigger quota

far better choices the internet, voice, and also SMS quota.



all the services you need in one package.



fasettoblog.com PRABAYAR

Combo SAKTI just for you!

Revel in the excited of internet, talk, and SMS in one package especially for you.

Find special packages v the best offers top top Myfasettoblog.com app or panggilan *363#.


Enjoy limitless calls to fellow fasettoblog.com numbers and 900-minute suara quota to other operator numbers. Starting from Rp20,000 just on the weekends!

The package you receive is a promo campaign package that is ditawarkan to customers who have actually an aktif period the at least 3 months and also are aktif fasettoblog.com subscribers. This parcel is not extensively marketed via the web, published media, or promo banner due to the fact that every fasettoblog.com customer have the right to get different offers.

The parcel you get is a personalization package offered to subscribers that have actually been selected by fasettoblog.com based on the length of the subscription as seen on the bruto usage and also internet for 3 consecutive months.

If you are eligible to obtain this promo package, girlfriend can uncover the package on the an initial layer the *363# menu.

This package is a personalization package, just customers who have actually been identified by fasettoblog.com will gain this promo. Customers who execute not receive a straight SMS information concerning the promo parcel offer, or execute not appear on the menu, cannot acquisition or receive the offer.

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All fasettoblog.com data packages, v the same quota and also price, have the right to be purchased because that a maximum of 5 waktu in 1 month.