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INTRODUCTIONA. Elevator of the ProblemEnglish is among the global languages the is used by many orang in the dunia andin many locations of day-to-day life. Therefore, using English is the easiest means to connect with orang from various other countries about many facets in human life such as technology, economy, social, and also politics.For Indonesia, english is a foreign language. Finding out a foreign language is one integrated process that the learner should belajar the four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We usage it to know our dunia through listening and reading and also to connect our feeling, need, and desires through speaking and also writing. By having actually more knowledge about language ability we have actually much far better chance that understanding and also being understood and also getting what we want and also need indigenous these around us.Writing is among four simple skills. It is an extremely important in teaching and also learning English. Writing berhubungan dengan some language components (spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation). This is in heat with what is stated by Braine and also Claire may (1996:60), writing clear sentences meminta you to discover the rules of bahasa inggris grammar and also mechanics such as the correct use of verbs and pronouns, and commas and other point out of punctuation.There space various cara to to organize the sentence in a piece of writing. Among them is recount text. Recount message is the membentuk of message that aims at retelling occasions for the objective of informing or entertaining. In the recount text, the sentences room usually arranged according come time stimulate or chronological order. One point happens and kemudian another thing happens, and also the occasions are said in the exact same order.Based on mine experiences, there room some problems found in the bidang when giving writing materials to the students, particularly the recount text.The an initial problem is that the students’ writing is not comprehensible, due to the fact that the isi of the ingredient is not appropriate to the topic, the ide are not jelas stated, the ide ide and sentences space not well organized. The 2nd problem is that there are countless errors in vocabulary, grammar, and spelling.Another trouble is the students have low motivation and space not interested in doing the task sejak the writing activities are no interesting. Usually, the students room asked to compose sentences and paragraphs without being offered some proviso so the it is daunting for them come express their ide on a item of paper.Besides that, the students have difficulty at telling dari mereka experience. This is due to the fact that writing is daunting for them darimana they need to master enough vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.In recommendation to the explanations over and the strong desire of finding the equipment of these problems, the writer has motivation to execute the research study in boosting the to teach of writing in real class by melihat picture collection as the instructional media. It is hoped that the media boost the students’ capability in writing, particularly recount text.B. Research study ProblemIn this research, the writer do the efforts to explain the students’ capacity in creating the recount message through using picture series. So, the difficulty is formulated as follows: How melakukan the teacher use picture series to enhance the students’ capability in creating the recount text?C. ObjectiveBased ~ above the trouble formulation above, the target of the research study is to uncover the sesuai way in melihat picture collection to enhance the students’ capacity in recount text of the course VIII student of MTs. Falahul Huda Kendal in academic year 2013/2014.D. SignificancesThe untuk mempelajari is expected to have both scholastic and helpful contributions. Academically, to membantu teacher/researcher to discover out the alternative means of teaching writing, specifically recount and to develop the relevant and also valid pengetahuan for dari mereka class come improve their teaching. Practically, it have the right to be digunakan as a model to enhance the students’ capacity in composing recount text, and also it might guide, tolong and encourage students to express milik mereka ideas, opinion, and memikirkan onto paper.E. ScopeThis research will be conductedin bespeak to discover a an excellent way to enhance the students’ writing skill.This research is concentrated on the teaching of recount text by lihat picture series as the instructional media. F. Operational an interpretation Using picture collection is one of the instructional media in the teaching and also learning process to lure the students’ attention and also deliver information.Writing capacity is a productive skill next to speaking, to write an easy sentence, message, and announcement and to write text in the membentuk of narrative, recount, and descriptive, and to write straightforward messages and an individual letters for SMP/MTs student in the an initial and the second years.Recount message is message that tells the students’ own experiences. It can tambahan be uncovered in an individual letter, biography, and also history. G. SubjectThe topics of the study are the student of course VIII the MTs. Falahul Huda Kendal academic year 2013/2014 which consists of 22 students.


REVIEW OF associated LITERATUREA. The nature of WritingAccording to J.D Angelo (1989:5), composing is a membentuk of thinking. It method that composing is an aktivitas to to express ideas, issues, events, feeling or reasoning to the others through tertulis form. Cohen and also Reil in Kusumaningsih(2001:1) say the writing deserve to be identified as communicate act, a means of pemisah observation, thought, or ide with ourselves and others. That is a alat of thinking. By creating we have the right to tell about people, psychic the facts and ideas.Based on the declare above, it have the right to be finish that creating is expressing ideas, facts, feeling, experience, and memikirkan in written form.In writing, the facets include the usage of vocabulary, struktur of the sentence, composition of the sentence, spelling, and also punctuation. These elements are vital to understand in bespeak to have the ability to produce good writing.Writing, among the abundant skills, is considered difficult, especially writing in a international language. According to Axelord and cooper in Ma’mun (2004:5), creating is a kompleks process and such contains facet of mastery and surprise. Once students want to write something lock should have a the majority of information, ideas, and pikiran in their mind so the they will have the ability to express them right into sentences, paragraphs, and an essay.The writing capability is the main aktivitas of composition. The writing have to be systematic and detail. A knowledge or belajar about good writing or exactly how to write composition is much needed.B. The teaching of writing for SMP StudentsAccording to bahasa inggris Syllabus of school Unit tingkat Curriculum , the teaching of composing for SMP students berhubungan dengan the to teach of paragraphs or text. The texts promoted are: recount, narrative, descriptive, procedure and report.Recount text is a kind of text that is usually uncovered or presented in journals, diary, an individual letter, biography, take trip report, police report, sport report, history, etc. The main facets of recount space orientation, perform of events, and also reorientation. In the orientation step the writer mentions setiap orang and points that room involved, time that the event, the place, and the situation. In the perform of events, the writer speak the events happen chronologically. In the reorientation, the writer concludes the cerita by offering comments.Narrative message is a type of text that speak a story. That is developed in part steps: orientation, complication, resolution, evaluation, and reorientation. In the step of orientation, the writer speak the characters in the story, milik mereka names and also the location they live, their ages, their condition, and anda willing. In the complication step, the writer presents the unexpected occasion that happens to the characters. In the resolution step, the writer tells exactly how the complication is solved. In the testimonial step, the writer invites the reader to think what meaning or worths that space taken from the story. In the reorientation step, the writer concludes the story by offering comments.Descriptive message is a kind of message to explain something, people, or objects. Procedure text is a sort of message that tells a procedure of making something. Meanwhile, report text is a type of message to report one event, things in the world, animals, and flora.In this study, the focus is just to recount text, darimana this kind of text becomes problems for the students and also it demands to be fixed immediately. The strategy applied to improve the students capacity in creating recount message is pyramid plan strategy.C. Photos SeriesStudents deserve to construct their knowledge during learning recount text quickly by penampilan media. Among the media is picture series which paint, etc a story. This median fulfills the principles of melihat media issued by Nyoman S.Degeng (2001). Media which have the right to be tangan kedua to make the students learn an ext easily and also the teacher teaches conveniently is the main component of the discovering process. The media should be used in integrated way in teaching and also learning and not just as ice pembuat bir of teaching and learning.To understand the means of the picture series, the students have to appreciate that in abstrak way. In the exact same way, once they express their ide to construct the cerita in a good coherence and also unity, they have to think the in abstract way too. Both the them will certainly be simpler for castle in learning process if the teacher deserve to use snapshot series. It deserve to not only membantu the students to get ide more reality in expertise the recount text but tambahan in constructing ide ide to membuat it.During the students space writing the text, they can use top-down technique in predicting the isi of the text based upon understanding of picture series (Brown, 2004:217). They can predict the content of the text conveniently based on dari mereka understanding around the picture series. The pictures provide the schemata come the students come construct ideas from dari mereka background pengetahuan and experience.


RESEARCH METHODOLOGYA. Setup and topic of the StudyThis classroom pergerakan research is concentrated on the college student of class VIII MTs. Falahul Huda Kendal in the very first semester the 20013/2014. The number of the student in this class is 22 students.The students room taken as the topic of the study dari they have actually poor capability in composing recount text.B. Study PreparationThis research focuses on the optimistic effect penampilan picture collection as the media to improve the students’ competence to understand the generic structures of recount text and also its language features. The writer tambahan hopes the her students room able to style a message of recount orally ~ the procedure of teaching.The measures of research study preparations room as follows: Arranging a schedule classroom kerja researchDesigning a great planningPreparing some students ‘worksheetsPreparing part pieces that picture collection as the mediaPreparing the jumbled stories based upon the picture seriesPreparing the students’ questionnairesPreparing a membentuk on assessment C. CyclesThere are two cycles in this classroom action research. Each cycle consists of planning, acting, observing, and also reflecting. Both cycles focus on the dental cycle that recount discovering process. Each dental cycle demands 3 meetings.One pertemuan is for membangun knowledge that the bidang (BKOF), and modeling of message (MOT). One more pertemuan is for joint building and construction of message (JCOT), and lainnya one is because that individual building and construction of message (ICOT). So, the 2 cycles of the action research need 5 meetings.D. InstrumentThe instrument used to collection the data is test and observation sheets. The check is digunakan to recognize the students’ capacity in writing recount text. Meanwhile, the monitoring sheets room used:to assess the students during the finding out examine the students’ knowledge about picture examine the students’ understanding about the generic structure and the language structure and the language functions of the recount enable the students come retell the picture series orallyto allow the college student to design a message of recount orallyto inspect the students’ attitude to untuk mengambil part in the learning process of recount by melihat picture series as the media of teaching.


RESULT the THE RESEARCHA. The Implementation of bike 1Before implementing bicycle 1, the researcher administered pre-test by questioning the student to write recount text. The result of the test cepat that paling students have the right to not create the recount text. Based upon the observation and interview to the students, the difficulty is that they are challenging to discover idea come write.In bicycle 1 the researcher gift the recount text by using picture series. First of all, the student are offered some photos with incomplete sentence. Based upon the pictures the students finish the sentences. ~ that, the students are given some photos without any kind of clue. The college student write milik mereka own sentence based on anda understanding about the pictures.When the students menjadi making dari mereka writing, the writer it was observed the college student activities. That is excellent to know the students motivation and their activeness in law the task as affect of the use of picture collection media. In this activity, the researcher wrote the students’ perkembangan happened during the observation.The result of the implementation of cycle 1 shows that the students’ writing ability is improved, but it has actually not meraih the criteria of success. The minimum standard criteria that the students’ writing capacity are once the median score of every the college student is 7.00. The result reveals the the average score that the students is just 65.55. It means that the riset has not prospered yet.B. Reflection for Cycle 1Based on the data presented in the table above, it deserve to be declared that the implementation of melihat picture media to boost the students’ capability in composing recount text is not successful yet. The criterion of success is if the average score of the student is at the very least 7.00 and the students are aktif in the creating activity.In kondisi of the students’ activeness in writing activity, the result of monitoring shows that part students are active, yet some others room not active in the writing activity. Lock look still perplexed in recognize the idea to write in a piece of paper.Although part students show their improvement in writing an ideas and score the writing, the cycle 2 demands to be conducted. This is done since some students gain score under the traditional which is determined. Countless students acquire score below 7.00. The bicycle 2 is excellent to discover the bugar strategy in enhancing students’ writing capacity in recount text using picture series media.C. The Implementation of cycle 2In cycle 1, the researcher digunakan picture collection in presenting the recount message to the students. The result shows that part students get improvements in their scores and also in milik mereka activeness in writing activity, but some others room still di bawah the membidik or the criteria.In bicycle 2, the researcher still tangan kedua picture series in presenting recount text. But in this cycle, the strategy tangan kedua is different from the strategy applied in cycle 1. The strategy used is the researcher gave an ext examples of exactly how to compose recount text lihat picture series. After the student understand and also have confident, the researcher offered them again photo series, and the student write milik mereka own writing based upon the pictures. The result of observation shows that paling students room very aktif and major doing dari mereka tasks. Sebelum the time provided is over, all students submitted their writing.When they dulu interviewed, they declared that they construed how to make recount text the membantu of the picture collection and the researcher’s explanation. By paying fist to the instances the researcher presented and the explanation, the college student are much easier to make anda own writing. Besides that, the students not only deserve to write the text but tambahan mention the contents of recount text and also explained the duty of each the component.D. Reflection for Cycle 2Based on the data ~ above the table above, that is concluded that the students’ capacity in creating recount text is improved. The standard of kesuksesan is if the mean score of the college student is 70.00 or more. The data show that the students’ average score is 71.52.In kondisi of the students’ activeness in writing, it is tambahan improved. In other words, the teaching of recount text using picture collection can enhance the students’ capability in creating recount message for the college student of MTs. Falahul Huda Kendal.

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CONCLUSION and also SUGGESTIONA. ConclusionBased ~ above the summary in hal IV, the is concluded the the usage of picture collection can improve the students’ writing ability in recount text. The students’ typical score is 71.52. It fulfills the criteria of kesuksesan which is figured out 7.00 or more. In terms of students an inspiration and activeness, throughout the teaching and also learning process penampilan picture collection the students are actively involved and much more motivated come write.B. Suggestions In reference to the conclusion above, the is argued that the teacher of small high school used picture collection as an alternative media for teaching English, especially, in the teaching of writing recount text.For the masa depan researcher, the result of the belajar can be used as recommendation to command further riset about the performance of penampilan picture collection media.