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fasettoblog.com Indonesia’s free service bekerja untuk comparing credit cards simple. To tolong you find the ideal credit card for you, we’ve organised our comparison by map type, map features, and card provider. Even if it is you’re ~ a card with a low attention rate, a balance menangkal option or a rewards card, us make to compare easy.

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Compare credit transaction cards

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CIMB Niaga Mastercard dunia

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HSBC premier MasterCard

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Kartu kredit Danamon visa Platinum

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live independence Traveloka

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What type of card space you spring for?

Balance mengalihkan
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How credit transaction cards work

A credit card is a revolving line of credit, permitting you come borrow money to do purchases without having to put up collateral (upfront cash). Based on your perceived capacity to do repayments, credit transaction card service providers assign a credit limit, i beg your pardon is the maximum lot of money you deserve to borrow.

Unlike a debit map that offers your own money to do purchases, once you usage a credit card, the is the lender who pays the retailer. At the end of her billing cycle, you obtain a statement and also that speak you the kasar amount you fan the lender for that period. Credit transaction card carriers make money top top fees and the attention that accrues on your revolving credit.

How melakukan credit card attention work?

Interest is a fee you pay to a lender for the amount of money, or credit, friend borrow. The amount of interest you pay for borrowing is set at a percentage perbandingan determined by your credit transaction score. There is no interest, lenders wouldn’t have much motivation to meminjamkan money.

Each month, you’ll receive a statement the will detail the transactions did you do it made, the berbisa outstanding balance friend have and also any attention you’re accruing.

Here are a few different types of interest:

As you spend on your credit card, her debts will juga begin to collect interest if you’re unable to pay the whole balance back by the finish of the statement or interest-free period. If you’ve digunakan your map for purchases, that will mulailah collecting interest. This is referred to as an APR, or yearly percentage rate, and it commonly hovers approximately 27%.
If you’ve digunakan your map for one ATM withdrawal or any kind of other transaction that’s thought about a cash advance, you’ll accrue the cash advance perbandingan of as much as 27%, to add a specific extra percentage of cash tap the money fee.
If you decision to mengalihkan your hutang from one card to another — maybe lainnya card supplies a far better APR — you’ll juga accrue a balance transfer interest rate, i beg your pardon is commonly the very same as either the interest perbandingan or cash advance rate.
Some cards execute offer 0% promotional durations on purchases and also balance transfers, therefore this is miscellaneous to keep in mind throughout your comparison.
How to protect against paying attention on purchases

When you salary your whole balance in full, you have the right to usually take advantage that a anggun period in the lanjut billing cycle. If you nothing pay your whole balance in full, the remainder will start to collection interest.

While you’re only compelled to pay a minimal repayment each month — 10% of your kasar balance, or a minimal amount of about IDR50,000 come IDR100,000, whichever is greater — it’s best to pay as much as girlfriend can.

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8 types of credit transaction cards

There are many jenis of credit transaction cards designed for different jenis of users. Credit transaction card companies membidik these specific individu by giving tailored rewards, sign-up bonuses and travel perks to attract users to invest with them.

These are the eight categories credit transaction cards space broken dibawah into:

0% APR and low interest cards

0% APR or low interest credit cards come with tiny or no attention on purchases throughout promotional periods that can run as long as 36 months. The equals big savings on interest if you the type of person who carries a balance from month come month.

“Bad credit” cards

Credit cards created users with poor credit are frequently either secured credit cards or prepaid credit transaction cards. Both tipe of cards require cash upfront in bespeak to load funds because that spending. Orang with poor credit scores usually find it complicated being authorized for other cards, for this reason they have to rely on “bad credit” credit transaction cards.

Balance ayunkan cards

These credit transaction cards offer rakyat the chance to menangkal a balance from a credit transaction card v a high interest rate to one v a reduced interest rate. Balance mengalihkan credit cards can help users conserve a great amount that money that they would’ve paid on interest.

Business cards

Designed for business use, a business credit map comes with perks and also rewards the are particular to small businesses needs. Penampilan a company credit map is an effective way to store your an individual and organization expenses separate.

Cash back

A cash back credit map rewards her spending with dingin hard cash. The lot of cash back you earn is set a portion rate. There will either be a lid on on exactly how much you deserve to earn or be unlimited. Cash kembali can be redeemed together a explain credit in the direction of your balance, in a credit card to buy portal, together a gift card or in a deposit to your bank account.

Rewards cards

These cards allow you earn points for her purchases. Sometimes every one of your security is rewarded, other times you’ll need to spend in a bonus category to knife rewards. Due to the fact that there are different reward structures, girlfriend have adaptability with just how you redeem your points.

Secured cards

A secured credit transaction card works hanya like a secara teratur credit card, however, you’re required to put down a security mengirim uang that acts together your line of credit. Commonly these cards are tangan kedua by people trying come build their credit or repair anda credit.

Travel cards

Made because that the traveler, a take trip credit card allows you earn miles on her purchases, and they frequently come with greater rewards for your travel related purchases. You deserve to cover your airfare, book hotels and also much much more with her miles. You’ll uncover that few of these cards are branded by hotels or airline and allow you come maximise your rewards once spending straight with them.

The best credit cards that 2021

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Comparing credit transaction card features

Balance transfers

Consolidate an existing utang at a reduced APR through a balance mengalihkan card.

Manage your debt. The longer the short or 0% balance menangkal APR lasts, the more you’ll save.Beware that the revert rate. Once the introductory short or 0% APR ends, you bisa find yourself challenged with a much higher interest rate.
What is the balance ayunkan offer? There are a few ways to compare exactly how competitive an market is. The introduce APR you’ll be fee on a balance menangkal card is typically low or 0%, for this reason this is miscellaneous you’ll desire to consider. The length of the balance transfer period also differs, despite it typically falls in between 6 and also 24 months. You’ll desire to pick a balance menangkal offer that will allow you to pay turn off your hutang before the offer ends.What’s the revert rate? If you don’t think you have the right to repay your existing utang within the promotion period, take into consideration whether the revert APR will attract more interest and also how this will impact the savings did you do it made.How much deserve to I transfer? numerous providers set limits top top the percent of the credit limit you can transfer. If her existing balance over the limit, you may want to think about a card through a greater credit limit.

Rewards have the right to be a worthwhile means to acquire something bagian belakang from her spending. Whether you’re a constant flyer, loyal customer or huge grocery spender, friend can find a rewards credit transaction card to setelan almost any kind of lifestyle.

The terutama draw the this type of map is earning points that deserve to be redeemed for rewards. Depending upon the map you use and also the promotions in place, girlfriend may be able to earn krim points when making certain tipe of to buy or shopping with a particular retailer.What you deserve to redeem your points for will vary from map to card. Some permit you come redeem point out for trip rewards as well as shopping or travel vouchers. Others have the right to be used for cash back, come redeem merchandise or also to donate come charity.
What are the associated costs? commonly the higher the rewards the greater the map costs, so it is in careful. Ketika some rewards cards charge no ongoing annual fees, rather charge greater annual fees approximately IDR3,500,000 and beyond. The more features the card has, the higher the fees is likely to be.Are there limitations? your card provider can not let friend earn more than a given number of clues in a calendar year, and also your clues can also expire after ~ a collection time frame.What space the other perks? paling rewards cards room affiliated with visa or Mastercard, and you have the right to use this cards in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Countless rewards cards juga offer extra perks, seperti as complimentary persewaan car insurance. To compare your options to check out which functions work finest with her lifestyle and also spending habits.
How long is the 0% APR? Carefully confirm how long the 0% sell lasts. If you do not repay her balance by the finish of the promotion period, you may find that your existing hutang attracts a much greater APR.Are there other fees? If yes an annual fee, make certain that the to save you’ll make in interest and other services of the card will offset the annual fee.What space the various other perks? Is over there a rewards program, or can you earn krim interest-free days if friend pay her balance in full each month? Extra functions like this can help you identify the true value of the card.
Low interest

A short interest credit transaction card enables cardholders to repay dari mereka debts at a lower APR 보다 your standard card. Depending upon the card, the size of the low interest titik may differ from one introductory ketentuan to the life the the card.

If you struggle to repay her balance each month, low interest cards can help you reduce the prices of her card.The benefit of low interest usually comes at the nilai of forfeiting the extra functions that a premium or platinum card might offer, seperti as a rewards program, complimentary persewaan car insurance or other extra perks.
How lengthy is the short APR period? Sometimes the low APR will only be in location for an introductory titik (say, 6 to 12 months), whereas various other cards might offer the short APR for the lifetime of the card. If it is the former, make sure to check the revert rate to avoid any nasty surprises once the promotional titik ends.What room the various other fees involved? depending upon the card, the short APR might be balanced out by greater fees. Review the kondisi and problems of the card to ensure that the overall costs, sebagai as the yearly fee, nothing outweigh the short interest.
How lengthy is the no annual fee market in place? You’ll need to confirm whether the no annual fee is in ar for the lifetime of the card or just for a promotion period. If the the latter, you’ll desire to inspect how long the promotional period lasts and maafkan saya the annual fee will certainly revert to in ~ the finish of the introduce period.What various other fees and also rates space involved? Just because there’s no yearly fee doesn’t median there i will not ~ be various other fees associated with the card. Because that example, if the card comes v a higher APR or a reduced rewards rate, friend may uncover that these overshadow the savings did you do it made ~ above the yearly fee. Calculation these figures sebelum applying come make sure the card functions for you.What perks room on offer? Cards with no yearly fee frequently lack added perks such as high-earning rewards program or concierge services. If these extra benefits room of value to you, you may want to reconsider what’s on offer.

Which credit card is finest for me?

That really counts on maafkan saya you’re planning to use your credit card for. Yes no seperti thing together a solitary best credit card since each person’s case can be fully different.

Here a few examples that common situations that can help guide you in the direction of the appropriate credit card.

How you rencana to usage your credit transaction card…Type of credit transaction card to apply for…Refinance or consolidate various other credit map debtGet rewards on every purchasesBuild your creditFor company expensesTravelling in foreign countriesCarry a balance indigenous month come monthReduce opportunities of gift deniedNot often
A credit transaction card that has 0% APR on balance transfers.
A credit card that has cash bagian belakang or rewards for every purchase.
A credit transaction card that reports activity to all 3 bureaus and offers free credit scores.
A business card that has rewards in line with your company spending.
A take trip card with no foreign transaction fee and also travel based incentives.
A credit transaction card v 0% or low interest.
A secured credit card.
A card with no annual fee with kapak that are perfect for you.

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What room the expenses of a credit transaction card?

Repayments. You’re complimentary to repay as much as you prefer as often as girlfriend like. You’re required to make the minim repayment when your statement is issued. The minimal repayment is usually 10% of your kasar balance, or a minim amount of around IDR50,000 to IDR100,000, whichever is higher. You will certainly pay a so late payment fees if you don’t do the minimum repayment through the statement early date.Annual fee. This is the biaya to very own a credit card. The yearly fee arrays from IDR0 to millions of rupiah relying on the credit card type. The credit card annual fee is deducted native your available credit and also accrues attention at the purchase perbandingan if it isn’t paid in the very first statement period.Interest rates. Interest is the price you salary to loaned money. Credit card interest prices are much higher than other tipe of finance since credit cards space an unsecured product; jae won institutions have actually no recourse to take your heritage if friend default on your repayments.Other fees. Other fees you may run into encompass late payment fees, overlimit fees (a fee because that spending previous your credit transaction limit), rewards program membership fees and cash advance fees.

7 credit transaction card applications tips

While using for a credit card doesn’t have to be complicated, it deserve to come with particular risks.

Assess your needs. Before you start your search, invest some time considering maafkan saya you want, need and also can afford through your lanjut credit card.Compare her options. Once you’ve decided what type of map you want, the time to start comparing your options.Are you eligible? understand the requirements for the card application – perform you need a minimum income, and also do you satisfy the period limit?Know your credit transaction score. You have to request a free copy that your credit history sebelum applying, so you can correct any mungkin errors ~ above it and also see exactly what the bank will it is in seeing as soon as they assess your application.Lower your credit utilization ratio. If you currently have a credit transaction card balance, it’s way to pay off your existing balances before submitting a brand-new credit map application.Don’t apply for many cards at once or within a brief period. You might be tempted to use for a 2nd card hanya in case your an initial one doesn’t acquire approved, yet don’t. Each credit enquiry the a lender kekuasaan about your credit history leaves a new mark on your credit document for five years.Be practical. Look because that a card that matches your credit transaction rating. It no make much sense to apply for a card the you may be refuse for. Also, don’t follow reward based credit transaction cards if you can’t fulfill the security requirements.

How to usage a brand-new credit card

Getting a new credit card is interesting for sure, however, there are some necessary things you need to know sebelum you swipe your plastic.

Activate your credit card. When you receive your new card, there will most likely be a sticker top top the former side with directions for activating it. The two paling common approaches to activate a brand-new credit card space either by phone or online.Understand the kapak and conditions. Know the fees, interest rates and any other costs that come v your credit card therefore you aren’t hit with any extra charges by surprise.Pay attention to your credit transaction limit. Experts introduce to save a credit utilization proportion of much less than 30%. So if you have a credit card with a IDR10,000,000 limit, shot to store your balance listed below IDR3,000,000 so girlfriend don’t kerusakan your credit transaction score.Know as soon as the promotional perbandingan ends. A many of brand-new credit cards come through 0% or lower than usual interest prices for a limited ketentuan of time. Note on your calendar as soon as the promotional perbandingan expires for this reason you have the right to pay off your balance in penuh to protect against being hit with the returned interest rate.Get acquainted with the rewards program. Learn just how you can manfaat the most from your spending. Some credit cards reward you for every purchases, however others just earn points once you invest in particular categories. Tambahan some price programs call for you to mendaftar or sign up in order come earn, so don’t forget to carry out that.Sign up for an virtual account. Having access to your account online deserve to simplify just how you regulate your credit transaction card activity. With an online credit card account, you can make payments, keep tabs on your spending and also regularly check your balance. Some credit cards even have an application for your mobile phone so you can direktur your account on the go.Choose if you’d choose paperless billing. paling credit card providers will give you the alternative to gain a paperless statement protest to a tagihan in the letter every month. V paperless statements, friend receive an e-mail alerting you that your tagihan is ready and kemudian you have the right to log on come your virtual account to take care of it.Set increase autopay. To for sure you tidak pernah miss a monthly payment, girlfriend can connect your bank account come your credit transaction card account. This way, an automatic payment is attracted from your checking or savings on a set date every month therefore you tidak pernah have to worry about incurring a potential late payment fee.Keep your credit transaction card safe. Be mindful with your credit transaction card information and the physical map itself. Store it in her wallet or purse and also know wherein it is at every times. Protecting your account information is a crucial factor in preventing credit card fraud.

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How melakukan my credit score tabrakan my ability to acquire a credit card?

The Financial services Authority that Indonesia (OJK), one Indonesian government company which regulates and also supervises the financial solutions sector, is administrating the Financial info Services mechanism (SLIK) by using a collection of determinants and complex equations to recognize your credit transaction score. This is important, since your score is often digunakan by lenders to help decide whether to approve you for new credit cards. The higher your credit transaction score, the far better position you’re in to acquire a credit card with competitive features and also perks.

Bottom line

Getting a credit transaction card can membantu you develop a healthy and balanced credit file which will come in handy dibawah the line when you require to bawa pulang out a an individual loan, residence loan or some other large form of finance.

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Make certain the credit card you apply for is suitable to her needs and that you know the kapak and problems to ensure you’ll borrow responsibly.