Learn just how to quickly make this traditional Indonesian jamu kunyit jahe asam the is great to maintain as whole health, tolong to alleviate inflammation and also to an increase our immune system.

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My mom has been reminding me come make certain I save up v drinking ginger tea and juga to try produksi my own jamu. She swears through this to store her healthy, mitigate inflammation and also to tolong her an increase her imun system. Now, when there’s not lot scientific evidence to kembali up those claims, the native Indonesian ladies do swear through jamu come rid the illnesses, ailments, store them slim, and looking youthful.

When i was a kid, i remembered see the “mbok jamu (jamu lady)” go from home to house while yelling the end “jamu..jamu..” do the efforts to market her jamu the she lugged in a big and deep bamboo basket on her bagian belakang by tie it on she waist. She has actually bottles and bottles the a berbeda kind the juices in there. Some space yellow in color, some room white, some room green, some are brown etc. My mommy would sometime buy jamu and she would certainly tell her she essential something to eliminate “wind”. The mbok jamu will certainly pour out these berbeda juices from the bottle to membuat her “ramuan” (concoction) and pour them into a glass and also hand it to my mommy to drink.


Jamu or well-known as Djamu (old writing) has been roughly for hundreds of years. Jamu is do by mixing a berbeda kind of juices commonly made from roots sebagai as kunyit (turmeric), ginger, temulawak (Curcuma xanthorrhiza) looks choose turmeric but it’s not), lengkuas (galangal), kencur (Kaempferia galanga), and juga leaves, flowers, seeds, barks, and also fruits. Over there are numerous many different kinds of jamu. The ingredients over are hanya to mention a few that I’m acquainted with.



There space too many berbeda kinds the jamu to mention, however I will emphasis on this three berbeda jamu the are paling popular and milik mereka benefits. Please note that these room based on apa the local believe and also no sepenuhnya scientific evidence to assistance these. So, I have to say the you need to consult your doctors if in doubt as this is not to replace skilled medical advice.

Jamu kunyit Asam (Turmeric Tamarind Juice)

Which is maafkan saya I’m pemisah here. I included ginger, hitam peppercorns and also several other berbeda spices that make the even an ext aromatic and also tastes great. It is largely made through turmeric roots, ginger roots, tamarind (asam Jawa). Some will include lemongrass (serai) and also other spices.Benefit: help digestion, reduce inflammation, detox, boost immunity

Jamu Beras Kencur (Rice and also Kaempferia Galanga Juice)

This is also one the the an extremely popular jamu in Indonesia. My mother likes this jamu beras kencur. I haven’t had any kind of luck in recognize kencur here.Benefit: boost appetite, helps v gastritis (inflammation that stomach lining)

Jamu Temulawak (Curcuma Juice)

Temulawak belongs to the curcuma family, the same family as the turmeric. In fact, lock look choose turmeric however taste an extremely bitter. Ns remember once my brother had a hepatitis B, mine mom had actually him drink temulawak juice for weeks. Temulawak doesn’t “kill” the virus, however it protects the liver. This case has in reality been sustained by some scientific publications.Benefit: protects the liver, assist digestion, relax symptoms of cold, relax dizziness


I added hitam peppercorns to this jamu nghe asam as well because research has displayed that the key active ingredient in turmeric, known as curcumin, is not easily soaked up by our body. The aktif ingredient in hitam pepper recognized as piperine, deserve to enhance the absorb of curcumin. because that every 2 mg that curcumin and the enhancement of 20 g mg of piperine, the absorption of curcumin is greatly magnified (1). They indicate turmeric to hitam pepper proportion of 100:1 because that effectiveness. For instance like in this recipe for 100 gr of turmeric roots you would add about 1 gram (1/2 teaspoon) of hitam peppercorns.




TURMERIC ROOTSJamu is usually made by grind fresh turmeric roots. It is not common to use turmeric powder. I recognize it’s an ext convenient to use turmeric powder, yet keep in mind juga that much less curcumin is uncovered turmeric powder versus new turmeric. New turmeric root are available in the majority of asian stores. I’ve viewed them at our local grocery store that carries part ethnic foodGINGER ROOTSUse fresh ginger roots. Do not use the ginger powder commonly calls because that in baking. They are much less flavorfulTAMARIND EXTRACT (ASAM JAWA)You have the right to soak regular seedless tamarind in water to soften it, but I discover it much convenient to use tamarind extract, i m sorry is prepared to be used without having actually to mix with any kind of waterBLACK PEPPERCORNSLike i mentioned sebelum that the enhancement of warna hitam peppercorns enhance the absorb of curcumin discovered in turmeric


COCONUT street (GULA JAWA)Coconut street or we panggilan it gula Jawa in Indonesia is a typical ingredient tangan kedua to sweeten food. Coconut sugar is juga considered “raw (paleo-friendly)” and also not highly-processed like regular putih sugar. It juga has lower glycemic table of contents if you space concerned about blood sugar. Besides, it has actually an impressive aromaNUTMEG POWDERNutmeg flour is added for additional flavor in this recipe however it has actually its own health benefit tooCINNAMON POWDERCinnamon powder is tambahan added to improve flavor, yet we all have heard about the benefit of cinnamon, which i won’t elaborate di sini anymoreKAFFIR LIME LEAVESKaffir lime leaves have actually a an extremely unique flavor, which you will uncover being tangan kedua in numerous Indonesian recipes

Let’s gain started making some Jamu nghe Jahe Asam now, dimaksudkan untuk we?


1. Wash TURMERIC and also GINGER ROOTSMake sure to wash and use a kecil brush to brush the skin to remove dirt really well. There is no must peel the skin, uneven you want to



You have the right to drink jamu at anytime of the day. I usually like it in the morning or afternoon on its own before or after breakfast or lunch. My mom has shared v me that a TCM professional has recommend her sebelum to stop ginger in ~ night together it may cause insomnia in part people. Since this jamu save ginger, the is ideal to drink it in ~ day time.

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Daily sheep of one cup of jamu a day is sufficient to help maintain overall health. Too lot of anything, also if it’s a good thing, is tidak pernah good for you.


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