Do you want to watch YouTube live present offline? If yes, you must download YouTube live stream videos. This post from uTube Downloader will walk you through the procedure of downloading YouTube live present videos. Awal reading!


Then, just how to walk live on YouTube? it is straightforward to walk live ~ above YouTube. But sebelum streaming come YouTube Live, friend should complete the two complying with things:

First, verify her YouTube account. The is a simple process:

Choose the method to obtain the verification code.Choose her country.Enter her phone number.Hit the GET CODEPunch in the six-digit verification code.

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Second, allow live streaming:

Go come YouTube.Click the video camera icon at the top right corner of the screen.Select the Go Live

Once it is done, live streaming will certainly become positif on your channel after approximately 24 hours.

Now, you can go live on YouTube and di sini are the in-depth steps.

Step 1: Prepare a computer and also check that your network connection is well.

Step 2: Open YouTube v a cari like Google Chrome.

Step 3: Click her profile avatar in the optimal right corner and kemudian choose the YouTube Studio option.

Step 4: Click the video camera symbol in the height right corner and then choose the walk live option.

Step 5: ~ above the brand-new page, pick the Webcam alternative on the left side.

Step 6: offer a judul to the live stream and customize the privacy settings.

Step 7: Click the More options option to add a description, allow or disenable live chat, monetization, promotion more.

Step 8: Click the Next option. Then, include a thumbnail photo.

Step 9: select the Go Live choice to mulai a live currently on YouTube.

Now you can engage v your pan in the live stream. To end the live stream, click the End Stream alternative at the bottom.

Bottom Line

To conserve YouTube live present videos on her computers, you have the right to use uTube Downloader to download or document them. If you have any kind of doubts about using the tool, please call us via .

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