The pair had been married for over ten years as soon as Sinclair passed away in February that a love attack. Bunga Citra Lestari"s video, title Dear Love, has actually been regarded over 4 juta times dari its melepaskan on may 30.

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Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) and also late husband, Ashraf Sinclair. (Photo: Instagram/

Indonesian singer and also actress Bunga Citra Lestari, juga known together BCL, unexpectedly lost her husband, Malaysian gibbs Ashraf Sinclair, this tahun in February come a love attack.

She payment tribute to his memory freshly through a video posted on might 30, i beg your pardon has since drawn an ext than four million views on YouTube and also has touched countless viewers.

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Titled to ~ Love, the video showed the couple during terakhir year’s days Raya when they dulu entertaining guests. It juga showed BCL and also her family having a video call with some family members in Malaysia, including Sinclair’s father and brother.

“Right now, we are discovering that despite every one of life’s challenges, we are grateful to have each other,” BCL claimed in the video. “Like always, I prepared dishes because that Eid just like just how we did as soon as you (Ashraf) dulu here. I’m keeping the tradition to do it easier for boy name to it is adapted to the new normal.”

Noah is the couple’s ten-year-old son.

“Here we room sitting turun together, bagikan love and sharing laughter due to the fact that we recognize you want us to it is in happy,” she lanjutan in the video. “Dear love, even though you room no longer physically v us, your heart will always be through us. Praying because that you is my method of love you.”

The 11-minute-long video clip closed with a picture montage the the family members when Ashraf to be still alive, and also a days Raya message from BCL.

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 “I just can’t protect against crying kapan watching this. Ns cant also imagine the ache she and noah to be thru ~ Ashraf’s passing. Harapan by produksi this type of video can diminished your heavy burdens,” composed one user in the comments ar on YouTube.

Another said: “The the strongest woman and her impressive family. What a beautiful vision to see. I"m accurate bawling through the entirety video. Kak BCL, you"re therefore blessed. Everyone loves you and also Noah. Stay strong for you and also Noah. And stay safe. Selamat lebaran, kak Bunga and family.”

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