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Formed in Sheffield in 2004, lug ME THE HORIZON have gone from hyped youngsters, to win the Kerrang award for best British newcomers in 2006, to among the world’s paling exciting and unique brand-new bands, right now bringing anda individual brand of hefty music to sell out crowds everywhere the world.In 2005, the pita released dari mereka brutal debut mini album ‘This Is apa The sheet Of her Seat was Made …For’ with Thirty days Of Night records. The band’s clean potential caught the eye of visible Noise (who re-released the mini album later on that year), the UK independent label responsible because that unearthing and breaking that the UK’s biggest rock acts, including Lostprophets and Bullet because that My Valentine. As predicted, the tape began to choose up massive an important acclaim from tekan and pan alike, and also the cult that BMTH began, together they smashed into the MySpace height 100 plot (them gift the only UK act in the chart aside from Coldplay!), tape-recorded sessions because that BBC Radio One and also incited among the best moshpits of the weekend in ~ Download festival, all while still having actually an average period of roughly 18 years old.October 2006 saw the publikasi of the band’s debut album ‘Count her Blessings’ v Visible Noise. A newfound maturity in kapak of songwriting and structure was come be discovered in the lagu-lagu as fine as manufacturing from Dan Sprigg (Lostprophets, Cradle that Filth). However, the album still had the band’s trademark heaviness – blistering percussion, shredding solos, erratic time signatures and terrifyingly secara brutal vocals. To companion the release, the pita filmed an extremely popular video clip for Pray for Plagues which right now has end 15 juta views ~ above YouTube.Throughout 2007 and also 2008, the pita continued to tourism heavily, and released Count your Blessings in the united state (2008). The band began to bermain their extreme live mirrors internationally, including touring v Megadeth in Australia, paris out double to Russia, an extensive and marketed out UK tour, europe festivals and paling importantly a lot deserved tempat on the Vans Warped tourism in Summer ’08, where they quickly didirikan themselves together THE band on the tour, melt the faces of fans, bands and critics alike with anda incendiary live performances.BMTH top to the secluded Studio Fredman, Sweden in April 2008 – in the frozen and inhospitable wilderness miles exterior the civilisation of Gothenburg, to document with acclaimed producer Fredrik Nordstrom (Dimmu Borgir, at The Gates). Leaving through an album yet lainnya massive action up from their previous work, ‘Suicide Season’ was spawned, special anthems seperti as ‘Chelsea Smile’ and ‘The woe Will tidak pernah End’.Suicide Season juga saw the beginning of the band’s forays into incorporating programming and also electronica into their music, perhaps among the biggest surprises come the press and fans, yet one because that which they have been practically universally applauded for.BMTH signed a license deal with Visible Noise with legendary dilabel Epitaph because that the release of dari mereka albums in the us in Sept 2008. The album obtained glittering evaluate from the tekan on both political parties of the Atlantic and also beyond, catapulting the pita into the Metallic stratosphere. The tape played headline tours of Japan, Australia, Russia, Europe, the US and even Mexico, wherein they sold out the 3,500 capacity Jose Cuervo salon performing what could fine be among the most intense shows ever witnessed.The band juga filmed four videos for the abovementioned tracks indigenous the suicide Season album, bersama with ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ and also ‘The Comedown’, all of which now mageri millions upon millions of views top top YouTube. In July 2009, Jona Weinhofen, previously of Bleeding Through, joined the band after the exit of Curtis Ward, with whom the pita parted ways with earlier that year.After randomly hearing a shared friend’s electro remix of one of anda songs, the idea dawned to get the entire Suicide Season album remixed, which brought about the reissue that the album, entitled self-destruction Season: cut Up, exit in the UK Nov 2009 and in the us April 2010. The santai featured remixes indigenous the likes that Utah Saints, Slipknot, gym Class Heroes and also Dillinger escape Plan, and also reflected the band’s lebar influences from exterior the steel world, consisting of Dubstep, Electro, north and bas and hip Hop.In Summer 2010 the pita returned to the us to permainan the main stage ~ above the Vans Warped Tour, taking the band through virtually every state in the country. Anda second Warped tour appearances attracted the tour’s largest crowds, day in, day the end – as other bands, fans and the tekan ke bawah once more struggled to capture a glimpse of among the world’s paling exciting live bands.BMTH returned to the UK to bermain Sonisphere festival in august ’10 (alongside stole Maiden, Iggy and also The Stooges and Rammstein) where metal Hammer detailed that “Horizon don’t just steal the weekend, they placed on a display that could very well be the festival performance of the Summer therefore far.”October 2010 observed the release of the band’s massively anticipated third album ‘There Is A Hell, think Me I’ve viewed It.

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There Is A Heaven, Let’s save It A secret’, which was released through Visible Noise in the UK & eropa and again license is granted to Sony (Japan), Epitaph (US) and Shock (Aus).BRING ME THE HORIZON space on tour the US, UK, Australia and Japan throughout 2011 and also played milik mereka biggest reflects to date in December 2010, supporting Bullet for My Valentine ~ above the demam arena tour, including the legend Wembley Arena.At the recent 2011 Kerrang! Awards, BMTH menang the award because that ‘Best Album’ through “There Is a Hell, think Me I’ve seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let’s store It a Secret”.Lihat Selengkapnya