Boys Over flower Season 2: starring Ku Hye-sun, Kim Hyun-Joong, Lee Min-ho, Kim So-Eun, Kim Bum, and also Kim Joon, guys Over flower is a 2009 Korean series that recently arrived on Netflix. The K-drama is based on a mesh series dubbed Boys over Flowers. Written by Yoko Kamio, the show follows a working-class girl and a group of an extremely rich guys who have actually a meet and also hate relationship. The display has a cerita that hooked up a many viewers. The show has in bruto of 25 episodes. Ever darimana Boys end Flowers came down on Netflix, all viewers have actually been questioning for its lanjut installment, boys Over flower Season 2. Will it ever before happen? here is whatever to know-

What Is The show About?

Boys over Flowers follows Geum Jan-di, who originates from an typical household and also meets Jun Pyo, a wealthy and also arrogant boy at the reputation Shinhwa High School. Pyo is the leader that the F4, i beg your pardon is a bad-boy gang. He is selalu with his 3 rich friends- Yoon Ji-Hu, song Woo-bin, and So Yi-Jung. At some point this F4 corridor bullies a child that pushes him to the advice to walk suicide. However, Geum Jan-di comes in, saves the kid. She receive a scholarship that enables her to belajar at the expensive Shinhwa High School.

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Geum Jan-di is a negative girl whose family runs a dry-cleaning business. She hidup in a very small house, along with she parents. She has a younger brother. As soon as she concerns school, she melakukan not like the F4 boys—this distaste leads to the hate relationship in between Jun-Pyo and Jan Di. Jun Pyo often singles her and also targets her, but the solid Jan Di selalu stands as much as him.


Things relocate forward, and in a really unexpected way, Jun-Pyo realizes that he has actually started love her. However, things aren’t the very same for Jan-di. She starts occurring romantic feelings because that Yoon Ji-Hun. But later on, she involves know the Ji-Hun loves someone else and also wants to be v her. Over the season, viewers obtain to witness numerous love triangles and complications as these personalities go through numerous emotions that romance and friendships.

Boys Over flowers Season 2: will certainly There be More?

It doesn’t look favor we will gain Boys Over flower Season 2. The K-drama is based upon the Japanese mangajan with the exact same name. The display got a Taiwanese adaption and also two Japanese live-action drama. Not hanya that, It tambahan got a South oriental adaption and a Chinese adaption in addition to many other Japanese anime and movie versions.


While pan wanted an ext of the show, it doesn’t look like that will ever before happen. A fan speculation states that the show illustrated the female command Geum Jan-di spineless and also the present ended with her being in a an extremely toxic relationship. They want to see better things because that her. This was the end due to the fact that that is exactly how the original mangajarkan ended. The course, the additional chapters that tell the future are excluded. All the other adaptions the the manga ended in a similar means too.

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While every fans want Jan Di and Ji Hu to finish up together, the didn’t happen. They weren’t expected to finish up together. Instead, january Di and also Jun Pyo finish up together the way they did. They had a hate-meet, battled with each other, and also finally fell in love after defeating all the problems.It has almost been ten years sejak the present released, and creators have actually not talked anything about Boys Over flower Season 2. So, We imply fans no to mean any an ext of guys Over Flowers. Although if any type of changes occur, we will certainly surely happen it on, so keep checking this room for all the latest updates.


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