Babies and also young children are in ~ high hazard of symptom from the flu. Flu symptom are much more severe than dingin symptoms and can incorporate fever, chills, body shakes, dry cough, tiredness, vomiting, and also diarrhea. The flu have the right to be spread out by call with infected people or contaminated surfaces. Friend can bawa pulang steps to minimize your baby"s chances of acquiring the flu, also if who in your family currently has the virus. Babies older than 6 month can gain the flu vaccine.

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What is the flu and also is the dangerous in babies and young children?

The flu is an epidemic of the nose, throat, and lungs resulted in by an influenza virus. The flu deserve to be danger – also deadly – for babies. Young youngsters – especially those under period 2 – room at danger for major complications if they obtain the flu. Each tahun about 20,000 people, paling of them kids younger than 5 year old, are hospitalized with flu complications sebagai as pneumonia.

Flu infections are paling common during "flu season," i beg your pardon lasts from roughly October to May. There are many berbeda influenza viruses, and also in any type of given tahun some are an ext prevalent 보다 others.

Symptoms and also signs that flu in a baby or toddler

Infant and also toddler flu symptoms commonly include:

Chills and body shakesRunny or stuffy noseFatiguePoor appetiteEar ache or a emotion of pressure in the head or face

People with the flu tambahan frequently have a headache and also muscle aches, although this are hard to detect in a baby or young child. Dari your child may not have the ability to tell you apa hurts, you"ll have to pay close fist to just how she behaves. Melakukan she it seems ~ fussier, much more uncomfortable, and sicker in general than she could if she just had a cold? If so, call her doctor – she may have the flu.

What room infant and also toddler flu symptom vs. Dingin symptoms?

Both the common dingin and the flu are saluran pernafasan illnesses, but they"re resulted in by different viruses. The flu usually kekuasaan kids (and adults) feel much much more miserable than a dingin does. A baby or young boy with a cold typically has:

No panas or a low demam (flu temperatures may run as high together 103 levels F to 105 degrees F, ketika a cold rarely produces a fever)A runny or stuffy noseOnly a tiny coughingSymptoms that come on gradually rather than abruptly

When need to I panggilan a doctor?

Call the medical professional right far if her baby or toddler has any type of typical flu symptoms (see above) to discover out if he should be examined. Even if you"re not certain that her child has actually the flu, panggilan the physician if your child is di bawah 12 months old and also has any kind of of this symptoms:

A panas of 100.4 degrees F or higher if your baby is younger 보다 3 months old (a fever in a baby this young may indicate serious epidemic or disease)A fever that rises to at the very least 101 levels F if your baby is in between 3 and also 6 months oldA demam that rises above 103 levels if your son is end 6 month oldA fever that lasts for more than 24 hoursA sneeze that is not improving after a week

Even youngsters who are generally an extremely healthy can acquire dangerously sick v the flu, follow to the U.S. Centers for condition Control (CDC).

Fast or complicated breathing (ribs pulling in through each breath)Bluish or gray skin colorSevere or persistent vomitingNot waking increase or not interacting when awakeFever above 104 levels FBeing so irritable the she doesn"t want to it is in heldFlu-like symptoms the get much better but kemudian return through a feverFever v a rashChronic medical problems that worsen

How melakukan flu spread?

If your son is near someone v the flu that is sneeze or sneezing, he may breathe in infected droplets with his mouth or nose. Rakyat with the flu room generally contagious for a day or two sebelum symptoms begin and for five to seven hari after. Kids may be infectious for longer.

Your boy can also become infected if he touches something (a toy or a tabletop, because that example) that has the jawaban bi-side on that and kemudian touches his mouth, nose, or eyes. Studies display that the flu viridans can live on surfaces because that up to two days.

Because the flu diffusion when orang are in nearby contact, that travels easily through schools, daycare centers, playgroups, and also families. Setiap orang usually gain sick one to four hari after exposure.

The severity the the flu different from person to person, so it"s mungkin to be infected with the viridans and not know it. If you only construct mild symptoms, it"s straightforward to think it"s a dingin and unknowingly happen the flu viridans to others.

Will my child gain the flu if i or mine partner has actually it?

Possibly, but you can take steps to minimization the chances your son will come down with the flu too:

If among you has the flu, have the other take care that your kid as lot as possible. If both you and your partner have actually the flu, consider asking a girlfriend or loved one to help care for her child.Wash your hands with soap and also water often. carry out this every time you cough or sneeze, as well as before you take care of your child. If water isn"t available, use an alcohol-based hand cleanser.Don"t touch her child"s eyes, nose, or mouth, together these room easy avenues for spreading your virus to her.Avoid having actually too much face-to-face contact with your baby or toddler ketika you"re sick. You could try aus dan sobek a challenge mask to save from breathing into herface.Clean surfaces in your residence with disinfectant. Soap and also water works. Or try a bleach-and-water solution, or a disinfectant labeled "EPA approved" for membunuh bacteria and also viruses. Always follow the indict on the product label.

Should ns breastfeed my infant if I have actually the flu?

Yes. The flu isn"t spread out through breast milk. In fact, your chest milk contains antibodies the will membantu protect her baby from getting the exact same infection.

If someone rather is helping treatment for your baby ketika you"re sick, you bisa pump her milk and have the caregiver feed her baby. (Wash your hands well v soap and also water, and clean the pump follow to the manufacturer"s directions before pumping.)

If you find that your breast milk it is provided decreases a bit kapan you"re sick, don"t worry. Her milk supply need to return to kesatuan when you’re emotion better. Call your physician or a lactation consultant for support if you"re concerned.

How is flu in babies and toddlers treated?

Not all youngsters who come dibawah with the flu will require medicine. But since the flu deserve to be for this reason dangerous for children younger than 2 year old, castle are often treated v antiviral drugs.

Antivirals work finest when began within the first two hari of the illness. They can membantu your infant feel far better by produksi symptoms milder, and they can tambahan help stop serious complications, favor pneumonia. The antiviral medicine oseltamivir (trade name Tamiflu) is approved for treating flu in babies together young together 2 weeks, and the CDC recommends it for avoiding flu in children as young together 3 months. Pedoman for using antiviral medications adjust periodically so inspect with her baby’s doctor around current recommendations.

Resist the urge to questioning your medical professional for antibiotics, i beg your pardon are just effective against bacteria. A jawaban bi-side – not bacteria – reasons the flu, therefore antibiotics won"t perform a thing. Antibiotics might be necessary, though, if your child creates a bacterial epidemic as a an outcome of the flu, such as pneumonia, an ear infection, or bronchitis.

Are there residence remedies that tolong babies and toddlers with the flu?

Whether or no the doctor prescribes medication, you can help your child recoup from the flu and stay comfortable with these remedies:

Hydration: Make sure your child gets lots of fluids. Nurse her baby frequently if she"s breastfeeding, and offer she the bottle as usual if she"s bottle-fed. If your son is eating solids, shot offering frozen fruit bars and soup or broth.Rest: store your child residence so that she gets plenty the rest.

How long melakukan the flu last in babies and also toddlers?

Your kid should mulai feeling better in a main or two. The demam will break first, and kemudian her appetite should return. However this is hanya an estimate – some kids (and adults) have actually a cough that hangs ~ above for two weeks or longer.

How can I prevent my infant or toddler from obtaining the flu?

Preventive measures include getting the flu vaccine, practicing good hygiene, and also avoiding others who space infected.

Get the flu vaccineIf your son is 6 month or older, that can obtain a flu vaccine. The very first time he it s okay one, he"ll get two doses four weeks apart. After that, he"ll acquire one dose each year. The sleep spray vaccine is available for paling children 2 years old and older.If her baby is as well young because that the vaccine, make sure everyone in close call with him gets vaccinated to limit the possibilities of exposure.

Get your boy the vaccine early in the season. In most years, the flu peaks in between December and February, however outbreaks can take place as early on as October. And it takes a pair of weeks for the tubuh manusia to construct antibodies versus the influenza virus. Ask your child"s doctor when it would be best to vaccinate him.

Getting the vaccine is even an ext important if your boy is in a high-risk team – because that example, if he has diabetes, a suppressed immune system, major anemia, a chronic heart or lung problem (including asthma), or kidney disease.

Unfortunately, the flu vaccine isn"t foolproof. Its efficiency depends on your child"s overall kesehatan (it"s an ext effective in healthy and balanced children) and how well the vaccine matches the virus that"s at this time circulating. Berbeda strains of the flu viridans circulate each year, and also in part years the vaccine is a closer complement than in various other years. A flu shoot is encourage every year.

If her child does get the flu after gift vaccinated, it"s paling likely since he was infected through a stress, overload the vaccine didn"t cover. And, of course, the shot won"t safeguard him from various other viruses that might seem favor the flu.

That said, the flu vaccine provides your son the ideal protection easily accessible against the flu. And also if he melakukan get the flu after gift vaccinated, his symptoms will likely be less severe.

Practice great hygieneContain germs. cover coughs and also sneezes through a tissue, and then throw the tissue in the trash right away. Avoid poignant your eyes, nose, and mouth.Disinfect. Wipe dibawah bathroom and kitchen surfaces and also toys generally with soap and also water, or a family members disinfectant that"s EPA authorized for membunuh bacteria and also viruses.Avoid others who space illKeep your kid away from rakyat who might be sick. If someone in the family members is sick, make certain that rakyat stays away from your child as much as possible.Let her child"s doctor understand if she"s had actually close contact with someone who has actually the flu. Your doctor may want to give your boy an antiviral medicine to protect against the condition from developing.

No matter just how conscientious you are, your child may pick increase the virus. If she melakukan get the flu, the good berita is the she"s less likely to obtain it again in the same year because she"ll be immune to that specific strain.

How deserve to I keep my child from spreading the flu come others?

While caring for her child, friend can tambahan take measures to stop him from lulus on the virus to others:

Wash your hands with soap and also water after you care for your baby or toddler.Limit his call with others kapan he"s sick.Don"t allow siblings or travellers use any kind of of her child"s toys, dishes, and also other possessions.

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More flu information

For the most up-to-date details on the existing flu season, examine the CDC"s flu site or panggilan the CDC in ~ (800) CDC-INFO or (800) 232-4636.