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365 Dni (365 Days in English) has been a surprised hit for Netflix, with the polishing erotic thriller at this time the most-watched movie top top the American variation of the streaming service. The movie ends on a cliffhanger, through Laura Biel (played through Anna Maria Sieklucka) heading right into an Italian mafia ambush in a tunnel. The film not melakukan not reveal whether she is alive or dead, leaving pan of the sexually-charged drama hoping for a sequel the will watch Laura escape she fate.

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Luckily, author Blanka Lipinska, who wrote the book 365 Dni is based on, has tambahan written two much more books in the franchise which continue telling the story of the love affair/potential Stockholm syndrome relationship in between Laura and also Massimo (Michele Morrone).

The an initial of this is 2018"s Ten dzień (This Day in English), i m sorry confirms that Laura is tho alive, yet her dealings v the competitor mob to Massimo"s company are much from over.


"365 Dni" could get an even sexier sequel based upon the 2nd book in Blanka Lipinksa"s seriesNetflixThe resmi synopsis because that Lipinska"s This Day (translated indigenous the Polish) reads: "Laura Biel"s Sicilian life starts to resemble a fairy tale. There is a boisterous wedding, a husband that will do and also give everything for her, pregnancy, gifts, and also unimaginable luxury: service, cars, seaside residences.

"Everything would certainly be perfect, if not for the sebenarnya that gangsters are all around, crime hangs in the air, someone is constantly trying come kidnap and also kill her, and also her ideal friend Olga thoughtlessly follows in she footsteps. Gift the wife of the paling dangerous male in Sicily has actually its results and Laura will find this out painfully."

This appears to check that if a sequel is made, the not just will Laura and Massimo return, but so will certainly Olga (Magdalena Lamparska). Pan will tambahan likely acquire to see Laura and Massimo"s large wedding and if the an initial film is noþeles to walk by, a many conjugal action.

One common scene, for example, sees the couple engaging in shared oral sex kapan Laura attract a blindfold and also headphones bermain the Eurohouse standard "Silence" by the pita Delerium.

However, points will not be smooth sailing for the couple. Hanya as Laura has fallen in love through one kidnapper, she start to construct feelings for yet another person who abducts her, a competitor mob boss. The book juga introduces a British pair for Massimo, which way that fans that have fallen in love v Michel Morrone can get dobel duty native the actor.

If 365 Dni component 2 ambil its cerita from the 2nd book in the series, the movie is most likely to awal directly ~ the occasions of the first movie, where Laura is pregnant. The occasions of the three books all occur within a few months of each other, as Laura is quiet pregnant in the 3rd novel, Kolejne 365 dni (Another 365 Days).

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As because that viewers who found themselves disliking the an initial film for being gratuitous, having actually a confusing plot, and glorifying sex without penuh consent, things space not likely to get better in part 2.

A lengthy negative review of the book on Goodreads says: "Just prefer with 365 Dni, this book contains numerous questionable things/messages. Starting off v the book title, that translates into This Day and holds NO MEANING—I tho can"t figure out apa Blanka intended with the title, the publication doesn"t cover just 1 day, but few months & transparent the story Blanka tidak pernah gives us an explanation which day the judul should signify."