The world of video is changing. We’re transitioning native an era of static video isi to interactive live streaming.

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As fist spans acquire shorter, fans want engaging isi with interaction elements.

Streaming software is the solution. This tools membantu you stream live video, chat through your fans, embed interactive content, collection payments, and also more.

But there room a lot of of alternatives on the market.

In this terakhir guide, I ranked and also reviewed the finest streaming software so you don’t have to test them all out yourself. These reviews are based upon streaming capabilities, video quality, integrations, video editing capabilities, pricing, support, and also more.

Let’s acquire started.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links that I might receive a small commission for at no cost to you. However, these space the tools I completely recommend once it involves live streaming. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

What is the ideal Streaming Software?

Here’s my perform for the ideal streaming software program for YouTube, Twitch, and also more.

Table that Contents

1. Restream.

Best overall Streaming software (Free – $249/month).


Restream is a cloud-based streaming organization that lets you concurrently stream videos to over 30 platforms, consisting of Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Lock even administer native integration with prominent streaming software favor XSplit, OBS Studio, Elgato, and more.

It’s also one the the few streaming communication that allow “Real-time Platform and also Channel Toggling.” This means you can mengedit and add much more channels while you’re “On Air” – without having to departure your broadcast or restart your encoder.


On peak of that, Restream juga comes powered with plenty of additional tools to membantu you promote and analyze your live broadcasts.

For instance, you can use the Restream events feature to schedule and also announce your upcoming currently in advance to construct excitement. However, this attribute is only easily accessible for Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn because that now.

They also allow you to measure her live stream’s success across numerous communication – from a solitary dashboard. You have the right to identify the paling popular part of your stream, the height time, the bruto number that viewers, watched minute sorted by the platforms, and also more.


In addition, they have actually a terintegrasi chat attribute that girlfriend can display screen as one overlay during your live stream. There space even choices to customize the look-and-feel of her chat box lihat over 20 pre-designed templates.

Other vital Features:

Create multiple networks on a single platform.A built-in amplifier to stream from whenever girlfriend want.Track your frame drops, bitrate, and frames per second (FPS).Update metadata of all streams indigenous a single point.Automatic cautions to notify viewers on Facebook, Discord, and also Twitter.Add a CTA switch to your live stream.Allow viewers from different platforms come chat with each other.Hide nasty and rude indigenous in the chat box.

Pricing Plans:

Restream comes with lima plans (including one free untuk merencanakan and four paid plans).

Free – No pre-recorded video streaming, no video clip uploads, no video storage, no currently recording.Standard ($16 per month) – No pre-recorded video clip streaming, no video uploads, no video storage, 6 hours/stream maksimum stream recording.Professional ($41 every month) – Pre-recorded video streaming, maks 1 hour/2Gb video clip uploads, ability to save 10 videos, 10 hours/stream max stream recording.Premium ($83 every month) – Pre-recorded video clip streaming, maksimum 2 hours/5Gb video uploads, capacity to save 25 videos, 20 hours/stream maksimum stream recording.Business ($249 every month) – Pre-recorded video streaming, maks 4 hours/10Gb video uploads, capacity to store 50 videos, 20 hours/stream maksimum stream recording.

Try Restream risk complimentary for 7 days.

2. OneStream.

Best Streaming software (Free – $89/month)


OneStream is the best all at once streaming software, through the capacity to stream and also record live and pre-recorded videos, and also publish castle to end 40 masyarakat media platforms.

With pre-recorded streams, you can record and then schedule your broadcasts to social media platforms as much as 60 aku in advance.

With live streaming, friend can couple OneStream with various other streaming tools configure this tool, and mulai multicasting:


Scheduling pre-recorded videos is juga super easy. You hanya upload your video file, pick a date and also time, and also select her streaming destinations favor YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, and also more.

Key Features:Stream to end 40 platforms and schedule write-ups up to 60 days in advance.Team management lets you many team members in one account.No software application installation needed.Multiple upload options, consisting of files, camera, and also screen shares. Practice RTMP streaming melihat a server URL and stream key.Pricing:

OneStream provides 4 pricing options:

Free – countless streaming, no multi-casting, 5 minutes maksimum per stream, 1 masyarakat account, 5 GB maks file size.Basic ($10 every month) – unlimited streaming, pre-recorded multi-casting, 15 minutes max per stream, 5 GB maksimum file size.Standard ($39 per month/Best Value) – countless streaming, pre-recorded and also real-time multicasting, one-hour max/recorded stream, unlimited document size.Professional ($89 per month) – unlimited streaming, pre-recorded and also real-time multicasting, 8 hrs max/recorded stream, unlimited record size.

For the best streaming software, try out OneStream for free and update to a paid rencana when you’re ready.

3. Wirecast.

Best experienced Live Streaming software program (Starting in ~ $599).


Wirecast is a live video clip streaming manufacturing platform arisen by Telestream. It help you membuat TV-like live present production and also on-demand broadcasts for the web.

You have the right to leverage that flexible and also intuitive UI to customize her live feed easily. Every you need to do is hanya plug in her mic and camera. It instantly handles every the encoding to deliver your live present to any kind of geography at scale.

It consist of every type of live present event, consisting of live sports, prayer services, television, radio & berita broadcasts, etc.


To tolong you capture your video isi on the go, Wirecast also offers a totally free iOS camera app. You have the right to stream to much more than one destination, including any type of RTMP destination. It juga lets you embed live captions come make your videos an ext accessible for differently-abled viewers.

Key Features:ISO record – that archives all the live video clip inputs without any kind of modification. These video clip clips are different from your composite program recording.Multiviewer – Send solitary sources to up to 17 source grids to easily direktur and obtain a quick look at every source.Stock Media Library – It offers free access to an ext than 500,000 media assets, consisting of videos, music, backgrounds, reduced thirds, etc.Pros:It offers multi-channel audio ingestion, and also support for WASAPI, ASIO, and also CoreAudio compatible devices.Use features like replay, clocks, scoreboards, and timers for your live sporting events.Get access to over 100 terintegrasi titles and also graphics.Use QR Codes, Chroma Key, and Playlists to present your live stream professionally.Easily document videos in MP4 or MOV files.Efficiently mix up to 8 audio tracks. You can juga add FX and processing.Pricing:

Wirecast provides two versions:

Wirecast Studio: $599 for magnified live production and streamingWirecast Pro: $799 for progressed live production and also streaming

It’s a pricier tool, however the finest professional live streaming software application out there.

Get started with Wirecast.

4. Dacast.

Best video clip Monetization communication ($39.99 every month; 30-Day free Trial).


Dacast is a video clip monetization platform and also VOD streaming platform made for hosting, live streaming, and managing experienced broadcasts.

First, they offer an effective and secure video clip hosting, with a isi management mechanism to store all of your recorded and also live video content.

Dacast is best known together an OTT platform with an excellent video monetization features. They automatically convert money behind paywalls come reflect the biaya of streaming come the viewer, incluging subscription models, pay-per-view, and also advertisting.

Key Features:API-Based video Platform: for customization, they space an API-based online video platform, where you can develop your own mobile apps and OTT platforms from scrape with APIs and also SDKs.Advanced Analytics: You can track the power of your videos with their reporting dashboards and custom reports. HTML 5 video clip Player: Stream to any device anywhere v the ultra-compatible HTML 5 layout that contains mobile streaming.24/7 keahlian Support: to add a pretty substantial knowledgebase and besar online community.Pricing:

Dacast has 4 main pricing plans, including:

Starter: $39 every monthEvent: $63 per monthScale: $188 per monthCustom: Enterprise options for large brands

To check out dari mereka live streaming and video clip monetization features, girlfriend can try Dacast for free with a 30-day trial.

5. XSplit Broadcaster.

Best for Live Streaming & record Console Gameplay ($2.50 per month).


XSplit Broadcaster is a live streaming application tangan kedua for recording gameplay because that live streaming or recording. It help you start your live currently or recording in ~ a few seconds.

You also get one in-game stream control HUD the helps you:

Interact with the chatStop and mulailah broadcastKeep an eye on recent eventsMonitor stats to boost the engagement

There’s also one Projector mode that enables you to display multiple scene to devices linked to her computer’s GPU.

XSplit also handles every your required encoding settings. Those more, it guides you to do the right setup and stream in the best kelayakan quality of approximately 4k60fps. And also the best part is that you can handle all the controls that the stream native a solitary screen.


It juga provides a deluxe sub-product referred to as XSplit Gamecaster for totally free and basic streaming for gamers.

Key Features:Scene Preview tajuk rencana – Edit video scenes sebelum live transfer them.NVIDIA NVENC – usage NVENC choices to customize your settings for optimal quality and also performance.Intuitive editorial – Easily add subscriber goals, donation trains, occasions lists, followers alerts, sepuluh cups, etc. Come make her live stream was standing out.Pros:You deserve to stream and record in 4k at 60fps.Broadcast at the same time to multiple streaming devices.XSplit support Twitch Chat, facebook Chat, and also YouTube conversation Widgets.Add custom stinger transitions or use multiple preloaded shift styles.Use Whiteboard and also Stream Annotations because that illustrations and also live analysis.Use the live statusnya display to gauge the number of subscribers, brand-new followers, bits, super chats, cheers, and also more.Pricing:

The pro variation starts in ~ $2.50 every month. There’s also a free untuk merencanakan for restricted features.

Get started with XSplit Broadcaster.

6. Streamlabs OBS.

Best for live streamers and also businesses trying to find an open-source systems (Free).


Streamlabs OBS is a cloud-based streaming platform because that Twitch, YouTube, & Facebook. It offers thousands of stream overlays, templates, and assets come customize her live streams professionally. Because that instance, you have the right to use “Be best Back” and also “Starting Soon” screens for her live stream event.

It tambahan comes v an app store that offers 46 apps to membantu you with:

Achieve an ext automationPowerful and in-depth analyticsMultiple ways of interactions v viewersStream to multiple platforms simultaneouslyAnd more

You can also easily embed multiple elements, including your goals, alarm box, and others directly from the Streamlabs website. It juga offers noise gain and suppression functions to conveniently weed out unwanted/ background noise native the live stream.

Key Features:Streamlabs Dashboard – You have the right to use the dashboard to do adjustments with a few clicks come the alarm box. Friend can control all the aspects without having to open up the browser.Widget Themes – Choose certain widgets for different broadcasts. Also, each theme’s settings obtain saved independently to membantu you conveniently switch native one layout to another.Themed intuitive Layouts – It provides themes for specific games and genres. Themes also help you deliver a an ext immersive endure through effects, animations, and also graphics.Pros:Available because that free.Instantly live stream or document through “Go Live” and “Record” buttons.Easily split, merge, or stream through multi-screen.You can use rate adjustment and video clip stabilization to regulate the high quality of her broadcast.Monitor the performance of your live streams through key performance metrics prefer viewer counting and new subscribers.Pricing:

Streamlabs OBS is a free and open-source streaming solution. However, it gives a premium peralatan for experts for $12 per month (billed annually).

Premium functions include cost-free apps, professionally design themes & widgets, mobile streaming, practice domain, and more.

7. OBS Studio.

Best free, open-source choice (Free).


(Open Broadcaster Software) OBS Studio is lainnya open-source, cross-platform streaming and also recording platform. It helps you execute high-quality video clip or audio editing, capturing, and also mixing in real-time.

You can create highly customized scenes with multiple sources, including text, window captures, images, webcams, capture cards, and cari windows.

The open-source software juga lets you switch in between an unlimited numberi of scenes throughout the broadcast while melihat custom transitions. On optimal of that, you have the right to use its qualified audio mixer that comes with pre-source filters like noise suppression, noise gate, and also gain. It tambahan offers VST plugin assistance to ensure girlfriend have kasar control over your audio.

Key Features:Modular ‘Dock’ UI – easily rearrange the layout to align v your branding requirements. You can even pop out all the separation, personal, instance Dock home windows for lebih besar lagi customization.Hotkeys – collection up hotkeys for practically every merencanakan like starting/stopping streams or recordings, switching in between scenes, muting audio sources, etc.Studio mode – instantly preview her scenes and sources for last-minute adjustments. You can even membuat a new scene right sebelum making your isi live.Pros:Use the ‘Multiview’ attribute to oversaw 8 berbeda scenes simultaneously. You deserve to even change or provide cues come them with a single or dobel click.It uses a powerful fire for integration with countless plugins and also scripts. It also ensures high customization and also functionality.Use customizable transitions to move between berbeda scenes swiftly. You can tambahan embed her stinger video.It’s compatible v Windows, Mac, and also Linux.You gain a resource section to discover an unlimited mageri of additional features.Automatically transforms the streaming video clip Bitrate based upon your upload speed.Pricing:

OBS Studio is a complimentary streaming platform.

8. Twitch Studio.

Best for gamers who desire to live present on Twitch (Free).


Twitch Studio is a complimentary streaming app that allows you live stream straight on Twitch. Twitch emerged it to membantu its fans live stream video games native the very same platform. Di sini is my step-by-step guide about how come stream top top Twitch.

It supplies a centralized setup to help you broadcast live streams also if you’re lihat complex setups. Plus, friend get accessibility to step-by-step onboarding, automatically hardware detection, and also recommended settings to make your streams look experienced with minim efforts.

You can juga personalize your streams to meet your an individual branding requirements.


Twitch Studio allows you personalize everything you want, including:

Starter layoutsOverlaysSupport because that multiple audio sourcesAnd more

Additionally, you can use its dimasukan ‘desktop audio capture’ feature to posting ulang the audio native your computer system to the stream.

Key Features:Extensive Personalization – You deserve to customize your video stream from all facets to reflect your organization or personality.Content mixing – Easily affix your iphone phone or iPad come mix up your isi and bagikan the display screen instantly to her live feed.Extensive Integration – Twitch offers built-in kerja feeds, chat, alerts, and also more. This conserves you native the hassle of installation an extra plugin.Pros:It supplies multiple currently layouts.Dedicated activity feeds and also chat-widgets to gauge reactions and reply to comment on your live stream.You can adjust the sound of her mic.It provides a ukurannya besar list of frequently asked questions to tolong you malu out any melepaskan on your own.It’s compatible through both Mac and also Windows.Pricing:

Twitch Studio is a free streaming software by Twitch.

9. VMix.

Best because that a big-budget live manufacturing ($60 / one-time payment).


vMix is a vision mixing software program that lets you live stream videos, audio, cameras, and more. It helps you execute high-quality live HD video clip mixing and broadcast live videos directly to the internet.

You can juga switch, record, and LIVE stream videos in SD, sepenuhnya HD, and also 4K. The good news is you deserve to do it using multiple sources favor cameras, DVDs, images, video clip files, Powerpoint, and also more.

Here’s a list of some of the influential features:

It supports every formats, consisting of AVI, MP4, H264, MPEG-2, WMV, MOV, and MXF.You deserve to use vMix for simultaneous recording, streaming, and output.It gives 13 attractive change effects, including Cut, Fade, Zoom, Wipe, Slide, Fly, CrossZoom, FlyRotate, Cube, CubeZoom, etc.vMix comes with full 3D acceleration, enabling you to membuat professional HD videos also on a basic PC.You get over 100 in-built man titles, stickers, and other graphics.It permits you to include up come 8 far guests to your live show.And more

What’s more, that assists you through the hardware to tolong you produce a big-budget live concert manufacturing or sporting events. Girlfriend can juga use vMix ‘Reference Systems’ to instantly develop a vMix computer with forced specifications cost-efficiently.

Key Features:vMix social – Easily combine YouTube Live, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter content into your live stream production.Live conversation – View and also reply to comment on her live stream from sosial media accounts prefer YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.vMix Replay – It permits you to show instant replays in HD slow-moving motion melihat up come 4 cameras set up. Girlfriend can juga display the replay in 2 angles all at once to boost engagement.Pros:Capture occasions like sasaran through a single click. Friend can juga add sign to events for better segregation.Create menonjol reels of the occasion instantly to bermain between intervals.Leverage ‘Automatic Mix Minus’ duty to eliminate echo indigenous the audio.Enhance your production with multiple online sets, overlay channels, and templates.Start her live currently with just a webcam and browser.It provides a totally functional 60-days free trial.Pricing:

vMix provides tahun editions:

Basic: FreeBasic HD: $60HD: $3504K: $700Pro: $1200

All editions come in ~ a one-time payment. All the execution include complimentary version updates for one year. You juga get a 60-day totally free trial to ensure the the software application is completely compatible v your system.

10. Lightstream.

Best because that users searching for a cloud-based systems ($99 every month).


Lightstream is a web-based live streaming studio that helps you create professional and impactful live streams within minutes.

It come equipped v a drag-and-drop tajuk rencana that gives unlimited creative controls, projects, and also scenes. It juga offers extensive third-party integration for movement graphics, on-stream alerts, and masyarakat media screens to tolong you journey engagement.

You can even invite guest to your live present event. You deserve to host a selection of occasions like panel discussions, interviews, podcasts, product launches, and also more. And also even your guests can posting ulang their display screens with anda own audience, helping you rise your outreach.


It comes through a cloud-based architecture, which way that friend don’t should download the software. You deserve to open your mencari to design and also produce her live present easily.

Lightstream offers three sub-products:

Key Features:Zero Setup – All you require is an internet connection and also computer. Girlfriend don’t need expensive hardware and also go through a cumbersome download procedure to use Lightstream.Remote regulate – Leverage your smartphone to mulai and avoid your stream. Girlfriend can tambahan use it to switch scenes – a great feature when you are creating remotely.Live assistance – It supplies live one-on-one chat support to help you with any issue.Pros:Render live currently in multiple video qualities, including 720p30, 720p60, and also 1080p30.Stream because that an unlimited numberi of hours.It supplies reliable integration v Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and also custom.Leverage the ‘Green Room’ function to invite guests remotely through simply sharing a link.Privately chat v guests in the environment-friendly room throughout the live stream.You don’t have actually to problem if you gain disconnected. Lightstream keeps you live and informs her users until you get kembali live again.Pricing:

Lightstream provides three versions:

Free: $0IRL: $99 per month

The free rencana provides a best streaming size of as much as 3 hours and also maximum output top quality of 720p 30 fps. The premium rencana comes with a streaming length of up to 12 hours and also a maximum output top quality of 720p 60 fps.

What is Live Streaming Software?

Live streaming software application helps your broadcast live occasion feeds to her audience. Friend can tambahan engage through your audience, permitting them come comment, react, and also chat directly on your live stream.

Many of these live streaming platforms also let you bagikan your live streams to your website, mobile app, and social media accounts.

Moreover, paling live streaming software is composed of a hardware encoder. It enables the conversion of raw video pintu masuk to digital format for playback on multiple devices.

You can juga use streaming software program to broadcast simultaneously on multiple communication like sosial media, OTT platforms, mobile apps, and websites. On optimal of that, it allows you come edit, customize, and also modify live streams as per her preferences.

What features Should girlfriend Look for in Live Streaming Software?

Modern live streaming devices are an ext advanced than ever before before. Paling of them provide intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to accomplish the varied needs of the online world.

Some of the alternatives offer loads of features that you can not even need. However, there room some simple requirements that you need to ambil into consideration.

Here room a couple of features the you must look because that in a streaming software:

Live chat – Live conversation is a an excellent feature the helps in boosting the engagement of your live stream. V the live chat feature, girlfriend can interact with the audience and answer dari mereka questions. Most importantly, friend can also gauge the reaction of her viewers – all in real-time.Preview tajuk rencana – The Preview tajuk rencana will membantu you ambil a fast look at your video clips. Friend can also make last-minute edit or create a brand-new clip altogether before making it live.Extensive Themes/Templates – Customizable themes deserve to easily membuat a much more personalized and also immersive live streaming experience. For instance, adding a welcome screen and also interval filler can make her live present look more personalized.Multiview attribute – The multiview feature helps in maintaining a close eye on all the cams. Girlfriend can juga switch/ change between lot of cams through a pair of clicks.Real-Time analytics – It’s critical to have accessibility to stats in real-time to gauge the success and engagement of your live stream. You have the right to track every the metrics like the number of viewers, new subscribers, engagement based upon geography and also demographics to make her live currently user-centric.API and also SDK – Developer-friendly mobile SDK and api infrastructure lets you incorporate your live stream into services, cloud video applications, and diganjar media workflows.Social Media Integration – Extensive social media integration will help you live currently on lot of platforms favor YouTube and Twitch simultaneously.

How carry out You usage Streaming Software?

Using streaming software application is an ext or much less the same process irrespective that the berbeda software vendors. Here, i am lihat XSplit to demonstrate how to usage streaming software.

Xsplit support live streaming on multiple platforms, consisting of YouTube and also Twitch.

Here’s a brief step-by-step guide that can tolong you mulailah your live stream on Twitch v XSplit.

Before setup up the broadcast output, allow 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) top top Twitch. You can’t start your transfer without 2FA.

Just walk to the Twitch security settings halaman and click on the ‘Set up Two-Factor Authentication’ option.


After you click on the ‘Set increase Two-Factor Authentication’ button, you will have actually to membuat a password and bagikan your mobile number. After ~ filling all the details, girlfriend will receive a confirmation message.

After setting up Two-Factor Authentication, currently you require to set up the Twitch streaming output.

Here space the procedures to follow:

Step #1. click the Broadcast > collection up a new output option. Next, click the ‘Twitch’ button.


Step #2. Next, click on the ‘Authorize’ button and gejala in with the Twitch account you want to use. ~ that, click the ‘Next’ button.

Step #3. after verifying the Twitch credentials, browse the setup wizard carefully to identify the link speed, ideal ingest server, and resolution for your live stream. After ~ you are through with the settings, click on the ‘Finish’ button.


Finally, it’s time to mulai the Twitch broadcast.

Here is how:

Step #1. Click on the ‘Broadcast’ button and kemudian select the calculation that you want to set.


Step #2. here is apa the screen on Twitch Properties would look like.


Other 보다 this, it’s crucial to gain the settings right.

Here’s how to execute it:

Credentials: select the web Authentication that saves your Twitch credentials. This wake up after an automatic or memandu authorization. If you pick the internet Authentication credentials, you deserve to authorize your account with Twitch login.Twitch Username: Select the Twitch username for the account you want to currently to.Stream Key: Stream key is a unique element that you will certainly find under Stream choices on the Twitch Dashboard.Server: Either use Automatic or choose the server through the lowest ping time. You can juga choose the ingest server every time before you start your live currently broadcast.

Executive Summary.

That was all around the 7 best streaming software. Every these software options serve the same function of live streaming videos. The said, each of them comes with a couple of unique USPs. And also some of castle are even available totally free of cost.

For example, OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS space excellent options if friend are trying to find an open-source solution. Kapan both the tools space free, lock come with most of the important features required for live streaming and also extensive integration capabilities.

Wirecast and vMix are most suited for bigger companies that want to develop live occasions at scale.

On the other hand, XSplit Broadcaster is a an excellent solution because that gamers who should live stream effectively on a kecil budget.

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Review your needs and budget carefully sebelum making the final choice.

And perform let me understand which streaming software program are you planning come use? Which option would work finest for you, and why? Comment below!