In 2020, thanks to COVID-19, Australians spent an ext time at house than ever sebelum and because of that, sales the SUVs and, off-road four-wheel cd driver pushed greater than ever before. We mungkin no much longer travel overseas, therefore we chose to discover our own backyard. Since of this, we made decision to discover out i beg your pardon is the ideal mid-$50k off-road SUV: the 2021 Mitsubishi Pajero sports GLS or the 2021 Toyota Fortuner GX?

Both the Pajero Sport and Fortuner are based upon high-selling utes – the Mitsubishi Triton and also Toyota HiLux, respectively. Lock both make in Thailand because that Australian consumption, lock both usage turbocharged four-cylinder diesel engines and also they both sell seven seats – though the entry-level Pajero sports is equipped v five, if you only need lima seats. Let’s see which one will certainly climb to the top and fasettoblog.come out finest for the adventure seeking Aussie.

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Mitsubishi, true to form, kills Toyota for value:

Both cars space priced almost identically at hanya under $54,000 journey away – the Pajero sports GLS is $53,740 and the Fortuner is $53,647 (in NSW) – and also metallic repaint adds $740 to the Mitsubishi and $710 to the Fortuner. Yet regardless of mid-$50k pricing, the GX is the entry-level Fortuner – the GLS is the di antara of the Pajero sports range.


With ours mid-$50,000 pricing membidik in mind, the 2021 Mitsubishi Pajero sports GLS is the one to choose for worth for money. Equipment shared between cars consists of automatic LED lighting, 8-inch touchscreens through Apple CarPlay and also Android Auto smartphone mirroring, six-speaker sound systems, considerable trip fasettoblog.computers, electrical windows and also mirrors with electric folding functionality, rear differential locks, flexible air-conditioning for rear occupants and also a smattering of active safety functions including automatically emergency braking (AEB), adaptive cruise control and also a reversing camera through rear parking sensors.

The Fortuner adds much more safety kit to the Pajero Sport, consisting of pedestrian and cyclist detection for the AEB system, lane departure warning with aktif steering, auto high beam and speed tanda recognition.

But the 2021 Mitsubishi Pajero sports adds automatic wipers, dual-zone climate control, fasettoblog.combined satellite navigation, digital radio, a power tailgate, a animal leather steering wheel, an electric handbrake, behind privacy glass, one auto-dimming rear mirror, keyless entry and push-button start, auto-folding mirrors, larger 18-inch wheels, a 220V strength outlet in the middle row, pengarahan front foglights and an extra front USB-A port over the Fortuner.




Those wanting an ext from the Pajero sport GLS there is no jumping to the top-spec Exceed can include the $2,250 luxurious Pack, which adds leather upholstery, powered front seats and also a 360-degree parking camera – doing for this reason would offer the Pajero sports fasettoblog.comfortably more equipment than even the top-spec Fortuner Crusade kapan costing $10,500 less. Fortuner GX buyers can add integrated navigating and digital radio because that $1,000 – both of which are currently standard ~ above the Pajero sport GLS – which could be valuable if venturing wherein phone agree is non-existent.

It’s this totally featured devices list that makes the Pajero sport GLS far better value for money 보다 the rather an easy Fortuner GX. The Fortuner has an ext safety tech, yet the Pajero Sport buatlah up because that it with attributes that really should be typical on the Fortuner, consisting of keyless entry and start, automatically wipers, climate control and a leather steering wheel. The first round goes fasettoblog.come the Mitsubishi Pajero sport then, through its terrific value proposition.

A recent engine update to the Fortuner bring results:

Both the Pajero Sport and also Fortuner arrays use four-cylinder turbo-diesel engines – the Mitsubishi’s is a 2.4-litre and the Fortuner’s is slightly bigger at 2.8-litres – and both engines are juga used in anda ute cousins together well. Both are matched fasettoblog.come four-wheel journey systems and also automatic transmissions – the Mitsubishi’s is an eight-speed, while the Toyota’s is a six-speed.


Despite weighing 70kg an ext at 2,160kg, the Fortuner feels the sprightlier pair out of these two cars, and also this is since it produces much more power and torque – 150kW to the Mitsubishi’s 133kW, and a strong 500Nm versus 430Nm of torque.

Because the this extra power, the Fortuner untuk mengambil less time to gain up fasettoblog.come speed, and also it also has the quieter engine the the pair many thanks to a current engine update that juga spread fasettoblog.come the HiLux and also Land Cruiser Prado. The Mitsubishi, by fasettoblog.comparison, feels quite a lot slower and also it can feel like forever in acquiring up to rate – that’s despite featuring two more gears and also a tighter proportion spread 보다 the Toyota.

Claimed fuel intake is very similar between both dare – the Mitsubishi cases 8.0L/100km and also the Toyota hanya 0.4L much less at 7.6L/100km and in the actual world, we meraih 10.8L/100km in the Mitsubishi, and also 10.5L/100km in the Toyota. The Toyota, many thanks to its slightly lesser consumption and its larger 80L fuel tank (the Pajero Sport has a slightly smaller sized 68L unit), will offer more range, i beg your pardon is necessary for itu planning a trans-Australia crossing. Important too, both can tow 3,100kg, produksi caravan towing a real possibility if needed. V that, the Toyota bawa pulang the second round through its exceptional powertrain.

The Fortuner is nimbler on- and also off-road:

Despite weighing 80kg more, the Fortuner is the nimbler car behind the wheel, and we think that’s dibawah to the Mitsubishi’s extremely heavy steering it is a practice in itself. The Fortuner’s lighter rack is much simpler to use in around kota driving, while offering nearly as much feel at greater speeds together the Mitsubishi. The Fortuner’s ride quality is much better than the Pajero Sport as well – it’s more controlled and also although the Pajero Sport has actually less roadway noise, we think the Fortuner is the much more fasettoblog.comfortable vehicle to drive.

Both the Fortuner and Pajero sport are an excellent off the to win track through low-range gearing, rear differential locks, hill descent control and also ample ground clearance – the Fortuner’s 216mm clearance is hanya shaded by the Pajero Sport’s 218mm clearance. The Pajero sport GLS and top-spec Exceed tambahan have Mitsubishi’s ‘Super select II’ four-wheel journey system, which enables drivers to pick the form of terrain they’re driving top top – gravel, snow/ dirt or batu – and also the car changes its electronics to resolve the change in terrain.

The Fortuner’s visibility is far better than the Pajero sport though, with larger windows allowing more light right into the cabin 보다 the Mitsubishi – an especially in the rear rows the seating.

The Pajero Sport’s cabin is clearly more fasettoblog.comfortable:

But ketika the Fortuner impresses an ext behind the wheel, the Pajero Sport’s cabin is the greater quality and also more modernis of the pair. It’s much less simple than the entry-level Fortuner’s, which has a huge array of empty buttons and also even manual air-conditioning controls matches the Pajero Sport’s dual-zone climate regulate and an ext cohesive switchgear.

Centre the both cabins are 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment systems with both apple CarPlay and also Android Auto smartphone mirroring – the Mitsubishi also features inbuilt satellite navigation and digital radio, i beg your pardon you can option for a lebih jauh $1,000 top top the Fortuner GX. The Toyota’s system is the exact same software that’s digunakan in the rest of the range, and it’s much more intuitive and easier to usage than the device in the Mitsubishi, i beg your pardon lacks cohesion, though its standard navigation will help when you driving the end of phone call reception for Google Maps navigation.

The quality of both cabins no anything to write home about, though they’re fine built and feature no tambourin or top quality concerns. Both have hard plastic sekitar the cabin, though the usage of faux leather trim on areas such as the tengah console the the Pajero Sport does up perceived material quality slightly.

They’re both practical and also hard-wearing cabins with plenty that storage remedies – including besar gloveboxes and door bins, though the Pajero Sport’s huge centre console melakukan offer more in the means of armrest storage and covered storage as well. That this centre console leg that bekerja untuk the Pajero Sport’s cabin feel more special than the Fortuner’s taken-from-the-HiLux dashboard.

In Australia, the 2021 Mitsubishi Pajero sports GLS and up, as well as the totality Fortuner range are equipped with seven seats together standard, which means that the youngsters and milik mereka friends have the right to fasettoblog.come along for the holiday together well. The 3rd row in both cars no exactly substantial for my six-foot frame, though children will likely be fine and also the 2nd row in both car is ukurannya besar and fasettoblog.comfortable. Both cars feature vents for every rows the seats, and also fan speed controls for behind passengers as well – yet the Mitsubishi is the only among the two to enfasettoblog.compass a 220V AC rear family socket and a behind USB-A charging port, i beg your pardon is essential for keeping kids’ tools charged.

Unlike the Fortuner, the Pajero Sport’s 3rd row of seats folds into the floor – the Toyota’s wrinkle up versus the sides of the boots – and also that melakukan make it much easier to fold the seats, though over there is much less room in the Mitsubishi v the seat folded. V the third rows in place, the Fortuner stop 200-litres of an are versus the Mitsubishi’s 131L (that’s thanks to a higher boot floor) and also with the 3rd row folded, the Toyota holds 716-litres and the Mitsubishi hold 502L, though folding the 2nd row in the Toyota opens up 1,080L and 1,488L in the Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi’s ten-year vouch shines:

Both the Pajero Sport and also Fortuner fasettoblog.come with countless distance warranties and capped price servicing because that the term of claimed warranties – it’s hanya that the Toyota’s is only for lima years, ketika Mitsubishi’s is because that a huge ten years. The Toyota supplies no roadside assistance, ketika the Mitsubishi it s okay it because that a year, i beg your pardon is topped increase a lebih-lebih lagi 12 months because that the next three years of dealer servicing.

The Pajero sport is also much more convenient to than the Fortuner with longer 15,000km intervals and it only requirements to be serviced once yearly (whichever fasettoblog.comes first) – the Toyota has much shorter 10,000km intervals and also must it is in serviced twice a year. Due to the fact that of this, the Fortuner costs $3,558 to business over lima years/100,000km – the Pajero hanya $2,495 end the very same time period. Lagi win for the Mitsubishi in the final round.

Which four-wheel drive should you buy?

Admittedly, this is a closer fasettoblog.comparison than we menjadi expecting, v the 2021 Mitsubishi Pajero sports GLS battling a near fight with the 2021 Toyota Fortuner GX. The Mitsubishi is without doubt the an ext polished product out of these two Japanese four-wheel drives with much an ext showroom appeal 보다 its fasettoblog.competitor. However out on the road, the Fortuner is the more satisfying car to drive many thanks to its greater outputs, lighter steering and much more fasettoblog.comfortable journey quality.

Ultimately, the Pajero Sport’s worth equation is what gets that the success in this fasettoblog.comparison. Not only does it enfasettoblog.compass significantly an ext standard equipment than the Toyota – well, even more than the top-spec Fortuner Crusade! – however its ten-year guarantee is double that that the Toyota, it only needs to it is in serviced as soon as yearly and over a five-year period, it costs over $1,000 less to business than the Fortuner. Us think both are reasonable offerings, however the 2021 Mitsubishi Pajero sport is the one the deserves to sign up with you on her trip approximately our exorbitant country.

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