Perhaps girlfriend are mindful of the sebenarnya that the Accel world manga finished in June. Therefore, a reasonable pertanyaan is in the air, apa about Accel dunia Season 2? perform we have to wait for lainnya half that the decade before Sunrise Inc. Makes its decision? The franchise creators hinted numerous waktu that they are all set to produce lainnya installment that the Accel dunia anime. However, dari then, there has actually been no official berita on the subject. It seems that Accel dunia is another franchise the is in limbo. But whether the truth so evident? Let’s shot to karakter out apa might occur to the franchise later.

Anda sedang menonton: Accel world season 2 kapan rilis

After the light novel struggle the popularity level, the mesh series came into the pasar in 2010. Reki Kawahara is the writer of the Accel dunia Manga series, and also Hima is the illustrator. Manga tambahan proved to it is in a hit, so studio Sunrise (“Code Geass Season 3“, “Cowboy Bebop”, “Tiger & Bunny“) chose to adapt it right into anime series.

One OVA to be aired ~ above 13th September 2012, and the 2nd OVA made an illustration on 31st januari 2013. The surname of these OVAs was maintained as Accel world EX. To keep the hope and attraction alive in fans’ hearts, the production residence released the movie Accel World: Infinite meletus on 23rd July 2016. Viz Media released the english Dub of this movie in the USA in 2019.

After the release of this film, no proclamations room made by the public representative of Accel World. Fans space waiting because that nine lengthy years for the melepaskan of season 2.

Will over there be Accel world Season 2?


We understand that you are bored of wait for renewal within five tedious years. Unfortunately, the world of anime plays its very own game. As pointed out above, we assume the Accel dunia Season 2 mungkin happen. However, us doubt that the announcement will follow this tahun due come the melepaskan of the video clip game. Of course, the collection creators had sufficient time to produce lagi installment that the anime.

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However, castle still require some time to encourage the brand-new season (if it exists in the cards). Therefore the more likely day for Season 2 is 2022 or 2023. But no one kenal when this event could happen. Anyway, we’re waiting for the resmi announcement. Stay tuned for updates. We’ll educate you around the lebih jauh news.

Characters & actors of Accel world Season 2

Haruyuki AritaYuki Kaji
KuroyukihimeSachika Misawa
Chiyuri KurashimaAki Toyosaki
Takumu MayuzumiShintaro Asanuma

Where To clock Accel World

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