The Smart Home Holiday of the Future

12_Smart home holidayHere’s a little glimpse into a fully IOT-connected Christmas future…

Imagine your kids miraculously letting you sleep in until sunrise. The Philips wake-up light will gently lull you out of your eggnog-induced slumber, helping you wake up feeling more refreshed.

Your Nest thermostat, knowing that you’re up and moving, adjusts the temperature to your preferred daytime temp of 72 degrees.

The smart coffee maker, like the Behmor Connected Brewer, is already brewing the coffee, so your perfect cup will be waiting as you wander into the kitchen to start the holiday food prep.

Alexa tells you that it’s a frigid 17F degrees outside, so you hand your spouse a coat as they leaves to do some (very) last minute holiday errands.

As you put the carton of eggs back in your Samsung Family Hub, the smart fridge notes that you’re almost out of eggs and adds them to the shopping list.

Your kids have been screaming at you since you opened an eyeball if they can open presents from Santa, so you ask Alexa to set the mood with some cheerful Christmas music.

Later, when your kids inevitably make a mess decorating the gingerbread house, Alexa tells Roomba to clean up the crumbs and sprinkles. You realize you forgot to wrap one last present, so you send your personal robot assistant upstairs to take care of it.

Well, maybe that’s a bit too far into the Christmas future… but the rest is a very near reality all triggered by the IOT era. Though we don’t yet have robot assistants, your holiday could already look like look a lot like this.

As the IOT grows in the coming years, so will the complexity of managing all our connected things—from lights to thermostats to robotic vacuums. If you have any of these smart devices, you know the frustration that comes with not being able to quickly locate the corresponding app.

In the future, a better, more connected IOT solution would eliminate the need for various apps. Imagine a central hub through which all smart home devices can be controlled. IOT device manufacturers will be able to stop worrying about choosing between Alexa or HomeKit – LINK’s universal platform (LinkOS) will eliminate the barriers to connecting every smart device at home.

For now, enjoy the all of the fun and exciting features that current IOT devices offer, and let Alexa deejay your Christmas morning. Happy holidays to everyone!

Learn more about how LINK connects with any smart home technology, seamlessly connecting your future smart home. LINK’s tiny size, platform-agnostic connectivity and impressive computing power combine to create a potential game-changer in smart home technology.


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