Protecting Your Data in an Era of Ransomware Attacks

Global cyber securityIt was just a few short months ago we were lamenting over the latest ransomware attack, NotPetya. And now, here we are talking about another attack called Bad Rabbit.

Bad Rabbit first infected several Russian media outlets and then spread throughout Russia, Ukraine and other European countries. Security experts linked Bad Rabbit to the NotPetya attack, as the ransom note and code base are very similar.

This ransomware attack, however, differs in that it doesn’t use the EternalBlue exploit, or any other exploit. Instead, it’s more of a drive-by attack where infected websites direct victims to download a fake Adobe Flash installer, so the infection is self-installed.

With ransomware attacks on the rise, how can you protect your data? Antivirus software can’t catch everything, so here are some other tips to keep you safe.

Be extremely cautious about where you’re clicking, from pop-ups on websites to links in emails. This tried-and-true advice bears repeating in the wake of Bad Rabbit, since it’s a largely self-inflicted attack. When websites ask you to download programs like Adobe Flash, don’t download it from that site. Find the program developer’s website instead, and check that your own software is up-to-date.

Experts recommend having a consistent data back-up plan. Get into a regular habit of making at least one or two copies of all the things you can’t afford to lose—from important documents or records to items with more sentimental value. And create the backups at frequent intervals while you’re working throughout the year.

And lastly, if you’re an unfortunate victim of a ransomware attack, security experts say to DO NOT PAY the ransom. There’s no guarantee you’ll get your files back and paying only encourages the criminals, since that’s usually their end game.

Unfortunately, living in an age of ransomware attacks is now the new normal. There are likely many more attacks on the horizon, so take the time to protect your data now, and hopefully you won’t ever need it!

For the best protection, store your digital world on an external device. LINK offers secure storage and connectivity, so you can access those files from any device. With up to 2TB of storage, you’ll be able to back up your entire content library—photos, music, emails, and more—without worrying about running out of space.

LINK enables users to keep their entire digital world safe and at hand. Learn more about how LINK can help assure your data is safe and secure before the inevitable next ransomware attack.

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