‘Stranger Things’ debut brings excitement – and digital headaches

stranger-things-2Netflix’s most watched show, Stranger Things, just released its second season – but this won’t be the first you’ve heard of it. Because, in just three days since its launch, Stranger Things fans have generated more than 3.7 million tweets about the show, with all sorts of memes and hashtags about its iconic moments and beloved characters.

When Stranger Things debuted last year, its runaway success took not only critics by surprise but also Netflix itself. After seeing how beloved the show was received by both audiences and critics alike, the company signed on the Duffer Brothers, who created, wrote, directed and co-executive produced the pilot season, to create the second, third and fourth seasons. And, debuting alongside the second season was an all-new after-show, Beyond Stranger Things, which follows in the footsteps of other after-shows such as AMC’s The Walking Dead by giving fans of the show even more content to consume.

Keeping up with the conversation, however, can be difficult when viewers are juggling so many options. For starters, Stranger Things fans who were on the road this past weekend might not have had reliable WiFi to catch up, and will be trying to avoid the spoilers flying around their Facebook feeds and in the break room. And, while viewers can download both seasons to watch offline, the size of these files can often mean that other valuable content has to be moved onto other devices or deleted entirely.

LINK is able to help connect all of the dots. LINK can create an LTE hotspot leveraging a user’s cellular data, so they can access their Netflix accounts even if they don’t have access to Wi-Fi. Or, using LINK’s powerful storage and connectivity capabilities, users can download both seasons and stream up to 15 different devices, from any platform, at one time.

One inch deep and 2 inches wide, this 2 ounce powerhouse allows you to keep all those strange things in your back pocket so you never miss an episode.

17 thoughts on “‘Stranger Things’ debut brings excitement – and digital headaches

  1. I was so happy to finish this second season! T be honest I was kind of afraid that the second season would not be able to keep up with how good the first one was but to my surprise it did not disappoint!


  2. Stranger Things is one of the best shows I have ever watched! I saw all the episode in one weekend! So good! Can’t wait for season 3!


  3. Ok, I feel like I am on an island of non watchers lol. I have heard so much about this show and I actually put on the first episode last season but i turned it off within the first few minutes. What am I missing here lol?


  4. I think I’m the only one who is not watching this show right now 😀 And I know so much about it! Maybe it’s time to start watching it


  5. I have seen the first season and its good, but i hope i can watch the second one because i dont get much time to watch shows and movies!


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