Disaster Preparedness in the Digital Age

10_Disaster preparednessWe all know disaster can strike at any moment, so we prepare our physical world—our bodies, homes and belongings—for the worst. We buy health insurance, car insurance, home or renters insurance, life insurance, flood insurance and so on. We invest in home alarm systems to guard against intruders or other things that go bump in the night. We buy emergency supplies and generators and shutter windows when there’s a storm warning.

But, are we paying enough attention to preparing our digital world for disaster? When an accident happens, a natural disaster hits, or you’re a victim of theft, will your digital world stay intact?

Here are a few ways to make sure that when something goes seriously awry, your digital world can keep itself together.

For starters, make sure that you have digital copies and backups of everything. Store all records digitally: bank information, health records, insurance records, and all other valuable personal identification. Your information should be easily ready and accessible if disaster strikes.

Turning physical documents into digital formats is a good way to keep vital information out of harm’s way. The process can be easy and doesn’t require buying an at-home scanner or a lengthy trip to Staples. Digitizing documents can be quick and painless using a PDF scanner app on your smartphone.

If you have an iPhone, try Evernote Scannable. The free app does most of the work for you by searching the camera’s field-of-view for a sheet of paper, automatically focusing the shot and taking a photo.

CamScanner for Android offers many of the same features, allowing you to scan and save everything from essential records to grandma’s beloved apple pie recipe in no time.

Another good tip for safeguarding your digital world is to centralize all your digital records. Having a central location for everything gives you one, simple source to tap quickly and find it all.

LINK is a good solution for keeping your entire digital world in one place and an ideal digital partner when a disaster may strike.  With 2TB of ultra-portable storage, LINK is big enough to store your entire digital world, yet small enough to take with you in any emergency.

LINK gives you the ability to keep everything—from priceless photographs, to copies of your first short story, to home videos of your daughter’s first steps. You don’t have to agonize between prioritizing the essentials and saving many years of digital memories.

If the internet goes out, no problem. You can still use and transfer important documents from other devices with LINK’s self-generating, dual-band 5GHZ Wi-Fi signal.

So if your world goes upside-down (which we hope it doesn’t), LINK is a great solution for safeguarding what’s important to you digitally—all the things you won’t want to live without once the dust settles.

Learn more about how LINK can help you keep your digital world safe.

16 thoughts on “Disaster Preparedness in the Digital Age

  1. Thee are important things that we all need to think about because we never know when disaster will occur. I ‘ll never forget the day of the blackout in New York City and cell phones were not working and only if you had a phone on the wall, were you able to use the phone to contact your people to see if they were okay. Scary to think! You just never know!


  2. Backing up was on my mind this morning ! I can’t imagine how i would feel if i would lose it all… i dont even want to think about it. Thanks for sharing.


  3. This is such important topic that I do think about sometimes but do not take any action about. Digital is the future and we need to be ready for any disaster that might be physical or natural. I will check about the Link you mentioned


  4. This is something that my husband and I are really passionate about. We back all files up on to hard drives and then keep the hard drives in a waterproof container that we can grab if we need to evacuate fast so we won’t lose all of our family memories!


  5. It’s something that I haven’t really given much thought to but I really do need to back up my digital files. Thanks for the amazing resources!


  6. We use that too. It’s ultra important to have all data backed up and safe in case of digital emergency. Agggh, it can be such a scary hassle sometimes, so it’s important to be at the ready. Because now everyone’s “lives” are located in the digital space!


  7. Disaster is so important topic we should be aware. Being prepared is such a first thing to do, data back up is really important. Glad you are sharing about Disaster preparedness!


  8. To be sincere I have been thinking about this for a while now, but I never took any action. Now, I see it is a very important thing to do, I will get it done immediately. Thank you so much for the reminder.


  9. This article has all of those necessary information that are required to safeguard our digital documents from any disaster.. Few days back a man made disaster named Wannacry malware had left the whole digital world crying upon the security of those digital info.. From this contemporary situations your article demands the real need to be taken it seriously..

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