GoPro’s Hero 6 Wants to Make You Look Like a Professional Videographer

GoPro just went from being the toughest kid on the block, to also being the smartest, with the release of their new Hero 6 camera. A brand new custom image processor, the GP1, and several new innovative algorithms give the Hero 6 powerful new capabilities that will help you look like a big-time Hollywood director no matter what you’re capturing.

The GP1 chip gives twice the firepower as the Hero 5. It can shoot in 4K at 60 FPS or give you the most incredible, silky smooth slow motion with 240 FPS in 1080p. With better lowlight, color and dynamic range, everything you film on the Hero 6 looks more like a highly produced movie instead of a homemade family video.

GoPro has also intentionally made the flow of editing your videos much more simple. Now, all your footage automatically downloads from the Hero 6 to your phone using 5GHz Wi-Fi. Not only is that three times faster than the Hero 5’s transfer speeds, but this also used to have to be done manually.

This automatic download process is where we begin to see the smarts inside the 6. Using AI (can we call it AI?) algorithms to analyze faces, audio, accelerometers and GPS when it transfers the video to your phone, your GoPro can create and edit a video through Quik Stories. Quick Stories videos come complete with music and effects, making stylized video creation effortless for anyone. All you need to decide now is what social media platform you want to upload your video to.

Adding to its automated creative prowess, the Hero 6 has added touch zoom and intuitive voice commands for a fluid “hands-free” experience. It also analyzes your footage and digitally takes all the shake-and-roll out of your video, giving it that smooth and professional look without needing an expensive stabilizer.

Fasetto’s incredibly powerful and ultra-portable computer, LINK, is the perfect companion for every GoPro user. Store all of your footage and edited videos on LINK’s 2TB SSD and then wirelessly access and share your content with any device, anywhere, even when you don’t have internet access.

You can even stream your videos to 15 different devices at any time through LINK’s 5 GHz Wi-Fi, or use it to wirelessly connect up to 30 cameras at one time. These functionalities allow you to capture and edit even more epic footage that you never before thought was possible.

Learn more about how LINK bridges the gaps in connectivity and capacity, housing all of your footage and videos in one place.

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