Netflix Wows with New Dystopian Thriller, What Happened to Monday

pexels-photo-265685Netflix produces and creates many great TV series like Stranger Things, House of Cards and Daredevil. These shows prove themselves to be some of the best shows ever created on any network. They not only have incredible acting and writing, but are brilliantly directed and produced.

As good as Netflix has become at creating TV shows, they have not had the same kind of success producing movies. Most of them feel like such low budget movies, that they should be paying me for spending the time to sit through them.

Luckily, this is where Netflix is going to put its next big push: original movies. Two of their upcoming films, Bright and Outlaw King, will be starring two of Hollywood’s biggest actors: Will Smith (Suicide Squad) and Chris Pine (Star Trek), respectively. With all the hype that is swirling around the big-budget, 90-million-dollar action movie Bright, not much has been said about the movie Netflix just released, What Happened to Monday, starring Noomi Rapace and Willem Dafoe.

What Happened to Monday is a Sci-Fi action thriller that feels like a cross between Minority Report and Blade Runner. The film takes place in a future where heavy overpopulation and climate change have begun to devastate the earth. In an attempt to counter these problems, the government has established a one-child-per-family law. The story revolves around seven identical sisters who have spent their entire life pretending to be one person, until their secret begins to unravel.

This amazing Sci-Fi film is an emotional roller-coaster full of intense action and suspense. It will have you gripping the edge of your seat. Noomi Rapace’s acting as all seven sisters is absolutely brilliant. She is second to none in her ability to portray such a huge range of personalities. You will completely forget that there is really only one actress standing on screen.

The lacking budget and low production values that plagued past Netflix movies are nowhere to be found here. The film is filled with stunning special effects! It features tons of future tech that any big-budget film would envy—everything from the cool holographic cellphones and futuristic guns, to a bathroom mirror holographic display that can assess facial blemishes.

There’s a moment in the film where the characters are scrambling to save their “memories,” (all of their photos and videos from their lives together). It made me realize that even with such technological advancements, no one in this dystopian future has thought of a single-platform storage device where all their memories are stored. It’s something LINK (the mini-computer from Fasetto) could do in a heartbeat by providing a singular place for all their digital content, from all their gadgets, throughout their lives.

With the ability to safely keep all of their “memories” in one secure, tiny, mobile device, the characters would have a much easier time. It shows how LINK will be an impactful solution in real life and in science fiction.

16 thoughts on “Netflix Wows with New Dystopian Thriller, What Happened to Monday

  1. Even with my time restraints I’m interested in seeing this film. Has Netflix done it this time? I believe I will watch it to know the answer. Thank you.


  2. I always worry about photos and precious memories. Seems so many people depend on digital, and I get it, but what if we don’t have digital? Things change. No hard copies could mean a lot of memories lost forever.


  3. This show sounds awesome, maybe I will check it out next week. Also, I can’t wait for the Bright film, it looks great. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I too have noticed that while Netflix creates awesome series, the movies tend to be lacking. I’m glad that you liked this one. I also find things in this genre very interesting!


  5. i watch What Happened to Monday 2 days ago because people review it very good and the movies was so amazing. I don’t know much about Netflix but i can see this post was very useful for me. Thanks for sharing


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