Tesla Taking Drivers to the Cloud with Latest Announcement

tesla-1738969_1920When it comes to companies driving innovation, Tesla is often one of the first names that jumps to mind for most people (aside from Fasetto, of course). That’s why it’s hardly a surprise anymore when the company’s charismatic founder Elon Musk announces new business initiatives that sound more like pipe dreams than a reality.

The latest such announcement may not seem as revolutionary as Musk’s proposed Hyperloop or even his electric car business, but it will certainly have an impact on drivers for years to come and will likely influence the market in immeasurable ways.

In a somewhat overblown response to a driver’s Tweet requesting more detailed user profiles for Tesla’s navigation system, Musk announced, “We are going to move all info and settings to the “cloud” (aka server) so any Tesla you drive in the world automatically adjusts to you.”

The implications may not seem big, but for cars that run on electric power, an individual driver’s habits can have a huge impact on the car’s range. Uploading a user profile into the cloud will not only make a driver’s seat and steering wheel adjustments portable, but also map settings, regenerative breaking, temperature settings and a host of other characteristics that can make a user feel at home even when they’re driving a rental Model 3.

This is also big news as Tesla works to finally enter the mainstream as a true consumer brand. Tesla models to date have come with hefty price tags, and the lack of charging stations outside of a few specific markets have made owning a Tesla more of a novelty than a practical or utilitarian choice. However, the Model 3 aims to target the same price range as the Chevrolet Volt, arguably the most successful electric car to enter the mainstream to date.

Tesla is even taking a page from Chevy’s playbook by selling the Model 3 en masse to rental fleets across the country – a tactical move to put drivers behind the wheel of Tesla’s without having to put a down payment, and one that General Motors has done for years to help familiarize potential buyers with GM’s product lines. If more drivers create cloud-based profiles to live on Tesla’s servers, renting cars in lieu of buying or leasing may become more attractive, especially for drivers who would like to enjoy one of the company’s premium models but aren’t quite in the target income bracket.

Of course, LINK allows drivers to transfer their personal information and content between vehicles regardless of the make, model, or even infotainment platform. With 2 TB of storage and a wealth of connectivity features, LINK acts as a server that drivers can carry around in their back pocket.

Learn more about this pocket-sized powerhouse and how it can change how you drive.

24 thoughts on “Tesla Taking Drivers to the Cloud with Latest Announcement

  1. I can see how this could be beneficial, but I’m with Heather. This does give me the “Big Brother’s Watching” me feeling. I wonder if you can disable this feature if you don’t drive more than one Tesla?


  2. Holy, that’s crazy news. Partly makes me in awe of technology and partly makes me nervous for privacy reasons. Either way, I’d love to drive a Tesla one day.


  3. I had know idea what Tesla was until reading this post. It is interesting how they can tack drivers habits and could in some ways be very helpful. Electric cars in my area are not popular and probably won’t be because of our long cold winters here. In warmer areas I think electric cars can and will be very popular. Thanks for sharing the information.


  4. Whoa, cloud based driving. That’s quite freaky and really, really cool. I’m a data analyst and would love to analyze their LINK database of driving habits. Just imagine trends you could pick up.


  5. This totally freaks me out…but I totally love Teslas. My cousin has one, and it’s absolutely the coolest car I’ve ever driven!!


  6. I don’t know much about Teslas, other than the comedian Jo Koy talking about his on Snapchat. There are a couple of Tesla boutiques here in Charlotte, but people can’t buy them directly from there & have to go through the website. NC law won’t let automakers sell their cars directly to consumers, which seems weird to me. The cloud system sounds interesting.


  7. Wow! I’d never heard of tesla until now but this definitely sound like a company on the cutting edge of technology. I’m glad they are taking the time to listen and respond to their clients voices.


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