The Future is Now: DeLorean Returns with Real-Life Flying Car

Delorean 1“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Paul DeLorean is fulfilling Doc Brown’s famous words and building a real flying car that anyone could drive, not just pilots. The DeLorean DR-7 has everything you’ve been dreaming of: a sharp F1 race car inspired design, vertical takeoff, self-driving capabilities, unparalleled speed and maneuverability, eco-friendly and it’s even got wings that can fold up like a Transformer against the body so it can fit in your garage!

Paul DeLorean is the nephew of John DeLorean, the founder of the DeLorean Motor Company and the famous Back to the Future car. Paul DeLorean is the CEO and chief designer at DeLorean Aerospace. He founded the company back in 2012 with the sole purpose of bringing “the freedom and exhilaration of personal air transportation to the masses” in a safe, easy-to-use and convenient airport-free way.

open-canopy_orig (2)

The DR-7’s two 360-degree thrust-vectoring electric ducted fans aligned along the centre allow it to take off vertically and even hover. Powering the fans is a zero-emission electric power system with a battery that can provide 120 miles of flight and a top speed of 240 MPH! The DR-7 can carry two passengers in a tandem seating arrangement, similar to a fighter jet.

The high tech autonomous flight control system the DR-7 uses for self-driving also allows manual operation for the performance flying enthusiast. The self-driving aspect would not only be relaxing but could allow anyone without a special license to be able to operate it.

rear-three-quarter_orig (2)

The in-flight entertainment when combined with Fasetto’s LINK device would be unparalleled. While enjoying your flight, you and your passenger could wirelessly stream movies, music and even work documents to any device from LINK’s immense 2TB of storage.

29 thoughts on “The Future is Now: DeLorean Returns with Real-Life Flying Car

  1. Woo-hoo!!! Back to the Future is now “Here in the Present!” What a super cool idea to bring to life – a flying DeLorean. I’d love to see this idea really take off. 🙂


  2. I always wondered if cars would fly in the future and if cars can look as good as they look now without being huge and bulky but also fly.


  3. Oh wow, I never would have thought that flying cars would actually come true. Growing up I watching Back to the Future and thought it would be cool if that happened.


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