Rumor Mill: New Surface Phone Poised to Battle iPhone 8

Surface-Phone-image2 (2)For over a year now, leaks and speculation have been circulating around the tech news community about the fabled unicorn known as the Surface Phone. The latest rumor is that the much-anticipated device will be released early 2018, setting up a battle against the iPhone 8. These rumors are further backed by Reddit user zombieacc who has stated that he was a former Microsoft employee and confirmed that they are intending to release a new phone in 2018 running Windows 10.

The most interesting and pervasive rumor about the Surface Phone is that it’s supposed to have a foldable screen, giving it a distinct advantage over the iPhone 8. The foldable screen rumors appear to be confirmed through Microsoft patents as well as the image Microsoft accidentally release in July in an ad on both their Twitter and Facebook pages. The idea of the foldable screen, how it will function and how it could be used has tech enthusiasts excited and grasping for any leak or rumor they can get their hands on.

Although Microsoft still has not confirmed any rumors about the Surface Phone, CEO Satya Nadella has stoked the rumors by saying they are making phones that “may not look like phones that are there today” and “a phone that can even be a desktop.” Nadella also told the Australian Financial Review, “We will continue to be in the phone market not as defined by today’s market leaders, but by what it is that we can uniquely do in what is the most ultimate mobile device.”

Even though there is still a lot unknown about the Surface Phone’s specs and how all of its exciting features will work, LINK by Fasetto can help users take this a step further by allowing them to safely store up to 2TB of their digital content and wirelessly stream and share that content with up to 15 other devices at one time!

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18 thoughts on “Rumor Mill: New Surface Phone Poised to Battle iPhone 8

  1. I have been hearing a lot about this mysterious Surface Phone. I would love to be able to check one out in person .I do not know if I would ever give up my I Phone.

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  2. I actually haven’t heard anything about the Surface phone. However, I’ve been a pretty strict Apple Customer, although after a recent incident and Apple refusing to do anything about it, I’ve begun looking into other phones for a new one. A phone with a foldable screen would be amazing.

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  3. My big concern is the marketing of a Surface Phone. When MS bought the Lumia line from Nokia they fell down on marketing it. You couldn’t find them in carrier stores like AT&T and Verizon. When I went to AT&T my Lumia had to be shipped from a warehouse. There was no big display like Apple had, and the salespeople kept pushing be to buy an iPhone. They knew nothing about the Lumina. Where they getting commissions from Apple?

    My wife still uses her Lumina 910. The so-called lack of apps was overblown. There were over 75,000 when I bought my first Lumina and now it’s over 300,000.

    So MS should make sure the Surface Phone is properly marketed and stocked in carrier stores.

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  4. this is the first surface phone i’ve ever heard. it’s seem to be so exciting that i really want to use it once. i’m having an iphone but i see that there so many advantages at this surface phone


  5. I have not owned a mobile phone in about 4 years. It seems like there is SO much competition between brands, however, I think in this market, people tend to be pretty loyal, so it would take something really special for people to want to swap. I haven’t heard about this one before.


  6. Wow a bigger iPhone is crazy. I like my little one becaue it can fit in my pocket quite easily. It is crazy to think, though, that you might not need a desktop and a phone in the future.


  7. The Surface Phone sounds like it is going to be the hottest item next year. I would love to try one. The foldable screen sounds really interesting. I will have to share this with my sons because they always get the latest devices. Thanks for sharing the information.


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