Moving Day Mayhem – Keeping Your Digital World Intact

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In many apartment rental markets across the country – particularly those with high college student populations – a great deal of annual leases start on September 1. This means that moving takes place during the height of summer’s dog days, forcing a mass exodus of renters to scramble for available U-Hauls and maneuver down crowded, trash-strewn streets to transport their entire lives in the span of just a few hours.

But aside from the pain of lifting mattresses and guarding curbside furniture in the blistering heat, there are a bevy of other hassles associated with moving that are just as harrowing, if not necessarily physically taxing.

Take transferring all of your digital clutter, for instance: The everyday lives of most modern renters – young professionals and college-aged individuals alike – go hand-in-hand with their digital content. The range of devices that we use to work on, store and share all of this content can be hard to track in the general malaise. Add to this the fact that many college students are going to be purchasing new laptops ahead of the semester, and transferring files across devices can be time consuming and exhausting, to say the least. If you’re moving in the coming weeks, take some time to look at how you can start cleaning up your digital clutter – and even consolidate many of your physical documents – so that nothing important gets lost in the shuffle.

For instance, many people double down on bills and records that could be stored electronically but, whether out of habit or perceived convenience, also have a hard-copy component. Bank statements, medical bills and even insurance information hold some of your most valuable personal identification information, and if nosy trash pickers on moving day happen to peruse the file cabinet you have unattended on the curb, this could easily lead to identity theft.

Round up digital copies of these files ahead of moving day and trash the physical ones before you transfer homes. You can almost always recreate these copies easily after the move (with the exception of official documentation like passports or licenses) if you still want to keep a paper trail, but don’t tempt fate by carting sensitive info around with you on a stressful, harrowing day of moving.

Using LINK, you can store up to 2 TB of digital content in a device that fits in your back pocket. Keeping LINK on your person is a much better form of assurance than carting around a file cabinet. Best of all, LINK can deliver the connectivity on moving day that often takes internet companies weeks to set up. You can access your files on any device or platform via LINK, and create a mobile hot spot the day of the move leveraging your cell data if it’ll be a few days before the cable company stops by.

Learn more about how such a small package can pack such a huge punch – especially on moving day.

16 thoughts on “Moving Day Mayhem – Keeping Your Digital World Intact

  1. This is SO good and practical! I know way too many friends who have recently moved and I’m thinking/wondering if my turn is next?! Gotta have a way to get the digital stuff organized, right?


  2. Moving is hectic. We’re still unpacking after being in our new home for 4 months. It’s worth it once everything comes together though.


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