Details Emerge Surrounding Next-Generation iPhone

office-336368_1920Perhaps no company on Earth is more prone to being put through the rumor mill than Apple. With top brass constantly looking to outdo themselves with each performance-heavy product announcement and annual company conference, industry watch dogs are constantly looking for hints at what this game-changing brand will bring to the table next.

Unfortunately, Apple has been hit with criticism over the past few years as designs for its new products are increasingly less revolutionary than they had been when the company was helmed by their late co-founder, the imitable Steve Jobs. For instance, their most recent new product announcement, the forthcoming HomePod, comes off to many critics as the company simply playing catch up to similar wireless speakers from one of Apple’s chief competitors, Amazon.

But when Steve Troughton-Smith, a developer famous for beating Apple to the punch when it comes to new product announcements, discovered that Apple had accidentally pushed out the firmware code for the HomePod, he realized that the base code for the next generation iPhone – complete with references to new technologies not found on existing models – was embedded in the firmware.

While new versions of the iPhone 7s were already earmarked for unveiling this fall, it’s all but confirmed that an eighth generation model will help to ring in the iPhone’s 10th anniversary this year and feature an array of these cracked features. Perhaps the most exciting feature is the phone’s ability to potentially use an infrared camera to detect the user’s face, mirroring similar capabilities on Samsung’s previous generation models used to enhance their phone’s security.

Unlike the Samsung face detection, the next iPhone’s infrared cameras will be able to detect a user’s face in low light as well as in three dimensions. Other smartphones on the market can only do 2D facial recognition, which has the potential to fool into unlocking should a thief have a photo of the original owner on hand to use for detection.

The phone’s potential form factor was also apparently hidden within the code, indicating that the next iPhone will have a small cutout at the top for the camera and speaker and feature one solid pane of glass along the rest of the device’s front.

These new features are a boon for users who rely on safe connectivity to access the content and human interactions they need on a daily basis. LINK can help digital users take this a step further by allowing them to safely store up to 2TB of their own content on the device and leverage their phone’s data plan to create a wireless hot spot that is safe and secure for sharing on any platform.

Learn more about how this pocket-sized powerhouse can help bridge the gaps in your digital world.

14 thoughts on “Details Emerge Surrounding Next-Generation iPhone

  1. My son and my partner both have iPhones but I’m a Samsung girl myself! I don’t have the newest model either, I find it hard to justify that much money just for a phone. I do however, love my Apple Mac and it was totally worth the money the amount of time I spend on it!


  2. This sounds really cool! It’s true that Apple has been less innovative lately. But I hear amazing things are coming out that will revolutionize the way we’re doing things.

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