Balancing Work and Family While Traveling With LINK

person-woman-apple-hotelRecently on the blog, we took a look at some of the unique needs and demands of convention goers – businesspeople who would like to imagine their travel on the company dime will have some of the characteristics of a relaxing vacation, but more often than not get bogged down in work that requires constant and quick connectivity to secure meaningful business wins.

With LINK, these professionals can be as agile as they want as they move between impromptu pow-wows with their team in the hotel lobby and prospective business leads in the convention hall. Leveraging wireless data, LINK can create a hot spot that allows convention goers to share materials between other LINK users at the event, as well as their teams at the home office, keeping professionals connected and on their toes no matter what curveballs come their way.

More often than not, however, these business travelers have families. Whether they bring their spouses and children along for a business convention or not depends on a lot of factors. There needs to be ample attractions to keep spouses and children occupied throughout the convention, for instance, and accommodations need to be affordable enough to pay out of pocket for the additional occupancy.

But even on planned family vacations, many people can’t completely turn off work and will need tools to help them balance their home and work lives while traveling with their family.

In reality, LINK is the singular tool that people can use to not just balance work and vacation, but actually enhance the trip for all members of the family. In our recent post on the topic, we explained that hotels could offer LINK for business use but also to sync up a lot of the hospitality services that travelers desire – not just connectivity for business, but even shared content to enjoy during down time.

Hotels can sync up family-oriented content to a visitor’s LINK in much the same manner, providing entertainment for kids to enjoy games, music or movies while they’re in the hotel room, and even the connectivity to share itineraries and schedules with the whole family in real time, regardless of changes to the plan. The same tools that may allow a parent to check in with their team back at the office can be used for a babysitter, for instance, to share their receipts or expenses with Mom or Dad while the kids are out enjoying the local attractions.

It’s impossible these days for families to be completely inseparable during vacations, but LINK can help bridge the communication gaps that may otherwise derail an enjoyable trip. With easy access to both the home office and their family, travelers can enjoy some much needed peace of mind.

23 thoughts on “Balancing Work and Family While Traveling With LINK

  1. LINK seems like a great resource for both parents and business people….or parents that are business people! I’ll have to look into it more to see how it can benefit my family while we’re traveling.


  2. LINK seems great! It is so important to balance both sides of your life. I chose my career path to be able to spend quality time with my children and be able to go on field trips or any other activities because it is what matters the most to me! Thanks for sharing

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  3. It seems like a very good tool to use and very helpful when away with work or not able to be at work, it must make life easier for them. Im not sure it would come in handy when on a family holiday though, personally I think family time is family time and work should not be interupting that.


  4. Link sounds like an amazing tool for people who are always on the go but still need to catch up with their work. It’s a lovely solution to an otherwise common problem between people who work but would also like to enjoy their vacation.

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  5. Having two kids myself I know how hard it is to keep kids entertained on the road. having the ability to communicate and access to your digital information is great when you are on the road.

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  6. This seems so cool and a perfect way to communicate with loved ones. I don’t really have work trips but I do have family who works other countries so this would be really interesting for that.

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  7. This is a great idea and so glad to know there is something like this out there. I also work on the go so it’s hard to balance work/home life.


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