Is WannaCry Virus Really Behind Us, or Is a Sequel in the Works?

Virus cyber attackWhile the term hacker has innocent enough origins – it was first coined by M.I.T. undergrads as a name for the “undistinguished work” they conducted tooling around, mostly for fun, on the early internet– it’s now got a dark, mysterious connotation with strong links to cybercrime and the faceless, untraceable masses lurking in the dark corners of the Web.

One of the most nefarious kinds of hacking activities is ransomware, which, like it sounds, holds the infected domain or IP hostage until money is transferred over to the hackers. Just a few weeks ago on May 12, one of the biggest ransomware attacks to date began infecting computers around the world, shutting down networks at hospitals, major corporations and government offices in more than 150 different companies.

What’s unique about this attack – dubbed WannaCry – is that rather than targeting a specific, well-funded target, the hackers behind it were looking to hold seemingly the whole world to ransom.

However, a 22-year-old named Marcus Hutchins from North Devon Coast in the United Kingdom – a warrior on the side of fighting “bad” hackers – accidentally found the kill switch that eventually put the ransomware spread on halt. He discovered a long, nonsensical web address within the malware’s code that automatically pauses the spread once it crosses the malware’s path.

While Hutchins wasn’t expecting he’d be deemed a hero for his actions – or that they’d definitely lead to stopping the attack that had put large swaths of the U.K.’s hospital network on the fritz – he certainly bought anti-malware experts a great deal of time to figure out what other measures need to be taken to completely stop the spread of WannaCry.

That’s right – even though the story is no longer at the top of the news cycle, the virus itself has not been completely contained. Rather, Hutchins has reported as recently as last week that traffic on the domain is picking up. Based on the activity he’s observed, it’s believed that the hackers are trying to find a workaround to his kill switch by overwhelming the domain name with a DDoS attack.

WannaCry is still out there and available for copycats to program mimicked ransomware in an attempt to basically hold the world hostage. But what’s most troubling is that professional scammers have the benefit of hindsight, and with the mistakes that originally foiled the attack in clear view, they may be able to troubleshoot some of the original scammer’s follies.

In an age where privacy is harder to come by than ever and your personal or professional data can be used against you for ransom, it’s best to utilize a secure storage and connectivity device like LINK to keep all of your data in a central location that you control access to. Link enables users to keep their world at hand and share content only with those who they want to share their world with.

18 thoughts on “Is WannaCry Virus Really Behind Us, or Is a Sequel in the Works?

  1. The internet is such a blessing…and a curse in today’s world. I’ve never heard of WannaCry before, but I hope a comeback can be prevented!

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  2. This is very interesting. I heard about this virus at work in an attempt to educate employees against being vulnerable to the attack. I find it funny that someone accidental found the kill switch for the virus. That’s pretty awesome 😀

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  3. This is so informative and great information. My dad is worried and sometimes we don’t believe him that they are ready but I think this lets me know and that it is dangerous out there.

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  4. I remember hearing about the WannaCry virus and Marcus Hutchins, an unexpected hero. Then the story fell off the news cycle and I put it out of my mind. We can only hope that professional hackers can stay one step ahead of the scammers. I have my fingers crossed.

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  5. Who keeps creating these viruses? There is always a new virus in the making and that beside hacking makes the internet a nightmare more than a mean to make life easy.

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  6. This is definitely alarming, imagine all the personal information that they can gather. All the bank accounts and more. I think it’s nice that someone finally put a stop to it, but you have a point. He gave them an idea on how to protect it further.

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  7. The internet is definitely a mixed bag. It is a tool that can be so helpful and be used for so much bad! I hope they are able to keep the virus from spreading!

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  8. I’ve heard of WannaCry. Companies were warned against it and most did a sweep of the files saved on their shared devices. Now is the best time to secure our information and our social accounts.

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