Changing Conventions – How LINK could bring real change to the MICE industry

person-woman-apple-hotelThere is a big distinction between traveling for business and traveling for pleasure. Obviously, “pleasure” describes a vacation where you’re looking to enjoy yourself on your own accord, not flying to a new city because you’re obligated to be there.

That isn’t to say that business trips can’t be enjoyable, especially in the context of a major industry convention. It’s here where peers from across a specific field can come together not only to wheel and deal, but also to spend time with others that have uniquely similar professional and personal lifestyles.

For those in the hospitality industry, this can pose a bevy of service challenges, as convention goers often have unconventional needs. They often get stuck with unpredictable schedules that are both fluid and rigid – quick to change yet critical to adhere to – which may result in a number of business-level demands that need to be met at the drop of a hat.

LINK supports a number of different solutions that hospitality teams can use to meet these unique challenges head on. For instance, a team staying at a hotel may be scrambling to video chat with colleagues at their home office, but the building’s free WiFi may be overwhelmed by all of the fellow convention goers sharing the hotel’s bandwidth. As part of a business accommodations package, the hotel could offer the use of a LINK to leverage the team’s wireless data to create a hot spot that keeps communication lines open between the team at the show and their home office.

Visitors staying at the hotel can also use LINK to communicate remotely and securely with the front desk. Sensitive information that needs to be kept secure can be shared between LINK users along the platform, allowing them to exchange things like billing information, for instance, between the booking agents working the hotel’s front desk. This way, should plans change on the show floor, users can reference and share updates to their personal calendar with the front desk without having to run back to the hotel to extend or abbreviate their trip.

LINK can also help bring the “pleasure” mentality to the business trip, as it allows users to not only store valuable business information, but also entertainment content that they can use to unwind after the show. Hotels could load up an entertainment package, for instance, tailored to the visitors’ tastes that they can access whenever LINK is with them – in the hotel or between shows.

This tiny device can be a major value add that sets a hotelier apart, making them a top-choice for business travelers who want to work hard and play hard. LINK gives users the tools to always access their most important content — personal and professional – wherever they find themselves.

15 thoughts on “Changing Conventions – How LINK could bring real change to the MICE industry

  1. Great idea for business and people traveling for business. I can see the challenges you can have when trying to do your work. LINK seems like it could help many.

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  2. Absolutely agree with you on this. I’ve been in several hotels that have crappy wifi or none at all and it’s infuriating to try and work when you cannot. I’ll have to test this out for myself the next time I’m out on the road.

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