GoPro Expands VR Offerings with Fusion 

GoPro just announced their newest camera, Fusion, and it sounds pretty incredible!

Fusion has been designed to be the ultimate all-gopro-fusionin-on camera that can not only capture fully immersive VR experiences, but even non-VR video and photos. It has a feature they are referring to as OverCapture, which allows you to go back after you have recorded a bunch of footage through its 360 VR mode and then take it apart to use whatever pics or video you want and make side project videos or photos.

It would be like having a full b-roll team of photographers with you while you are doing your action shoots. Fusion records all this action through its spherical camera in stunning 5.2K video, while the footage that is “punched out” will be in conventional HD. Here is some footage of the camera in action featuring GoPro content creators JT Holmes and Jeb Corliss.

The Fusion is designed to be used for commercial users and price points haven’t been announced yet. GoPro is launching a pilot program this summer for content creators and brands to help refine the user experience of the camera as well create inspiring footage to help push the product. GoPro has said anyone interested in participating can apply on their site. Fusion is scheduled for limited commercial release near the end of 2017.

This isn’t GoPro’s first endeavor into VR. Their first project was the Google Jump-optimized Odyssey, which was a very large setup that held 16 cameras. They then released the much smaller Omni that used only six GoPro Hero Black cameras. This was still ungainly and could be awkward for a lot of action shoots, whereas the Fusion is a small wearable with a single spherical camera that is compact enough to work with most of the GoPro mounts and accessories that GoPro users already own.

A lot of specifics about the Fusion are still unknown, including how much memory it has. But, that is where LINK from Fasetto comes in. Pairing your GoPro camera with LINK will allow you to store, access and share all of your digital content from anywhere, anytime, with any device!

With it’s advanced, next-generation speed and 2TB of storage, LINK bridges the gaps in connectivity and capacity by housing all your footage, photos and videos in one ultra-portable, durable, always-available device.

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