Twitch Takes Leap from Social Streaming to Gaming Retail

streaming-Twitch-696x315 (2)When Twitch was first introduced back in 2011, few anticipated that close to 10 million visitors a day would flock to the social streaming site, where gaming, digital video and social media come together for an entirely unique interactive streaming experience. While it may seem counter-intuitive that so many people would join Twitch only to be spectators – especially considering they could pick up their own joy sticks and get in on the action – it’s estimated that visitors spend an average of 106 minutes a day on the site watching and commenting on live streams rather than playing.

Twitch has become an asset for gamers primarily because it is a great platform for introducing visitors not just to new skills and tricks, but also to entirely new gaming worlds by enabling visitors to witness gameplay of new releases firsthand, before they decide to actually drop money on the game themselves.

Now, Twitch has made it all the more convenient for visitors to get their hands on some of the site’s most-streamed games, as it was announced recently that the Amazon-owned service is now selling titles directly on the site. Beginning April 4, Twitch offers visitors roughly 50 games and various add-ons that viewers can purchase mid-stream, including recent hit’s like Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands and For Honor.

Games purchased on the site can be downloaded directly and played through the Twitch Desktop App, or through publisher-specific game launchers like Uplay. But this is hardly the only incentive for visitors to buy through Twitch as opposed to competing online stores: Partnered Twitch streamers can also reap 5 percent of the sales generated through their channels, while fans can be rewarded instantly with discounts on specific games for watching streams at opportune times.

Another incentive as the site enters the world of gaming retail are Twitch Crates, which are digital gift boxes given to buyers containing randomized items like exclusive emotes and chat badges. Further to this, the site will be entering all buyers during the month of April into a raffle to win $500 worth of pro streaming gear.

The ability for visitors to share content seamlessly has been the defining characteristic of Twitch, which is in line with the vision we have for LINK. Whether you are collaborating with players the world over or developing your own games, LINK can bridge any connectivity and communication gaps – including laps in wireless access – that may hinder success.

Learn more about this 2 TB powerhouse and how it can intelligently and seamlessly connect all of your technology.


2 thoughts on “Twitch Takes Leap from Social Streaming to Gaming Retail

  1. I’ve never explored twitch much but reading this makes me want to delve deeper into it. I didn’t know anything about it really before reading this but I will be visiting it now. Thanks for sharing!

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