Better customer service at your hotel, with LINK

pexels-photo-279727If you work in the hospitality business, you know that the more information you have about your guests, the better you can serve them. There are certain things you have to know: Does your guest need a non-smoking room? Does this family need to be booked in connecting rooms? How many keys should you get ready, and do you need to ask employees to set up a cot?

But, what if you could know more than just these essential basics instantaneously? For example, the guest walking up to the check-in desk right now – the one in a suit, carrying a briefcase – is she a member of your hotel’s loyalty program? Greet her by name and thank her for her loyalty. If she doesn’t speak the local language? Upload a short cheat sheet of key phrases with translations, so she’ll be able to get around easier.

Maybe this sounds like a scene from a sci-fi movie. It’s not: The future is now, with LINK. LINK can help you easily connect with guests, allowing you to provide the best possible customer service and guest experience.

Make a personal connection with guests, using technology

Imagine you have a large business group checking in for a convention in town. This group will need information on transportation options, the best restaurants near their event and Internet access. Plus, you’ll probably want to go the extra mile and offer personalized suggestions for activities they can do when they have downtime. With LINK, you can immediately, seamlessly transfer all of this information to the group.

Or, perhaps a family is visiting from abroad. You already know that one of the kids has a peanut allergy and that the family is vegetarian, since they called to make sure that eating the complimentary hotel breakfast would be nut-free. For a personal touch, prepare a list of popular vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the neighborhood, and warn them about any nut-heavy restaurants or ice cream shops to avoid. When they come to check in, you can download these lists and warnings to their LINK, so this information will be available to them even when they’re wandering the city and don’t have Internet access.

LINK also makes the check-in process much faster and smoother. Automatically identify a guest’s customer profile, payment information and loyalty status so all the information you need to know is already available. At check out, automatically download the bill onto their LINK, so you never have to worry about what to do if your printer is out of service. Plus, you can leave guests with a great memory of your hotel by transferring a personalized thank you note at checkout.

Measuring just two inches across, one inch tall, and weighing only three ounces with up to 2TB of superfast on-device storage, LINK can stream to up to 15 devices at once, so your hotel will always be prepared to deliver excellent customer service. LINK is due to be commercially available in Spring 2017. For more information, click here.

5 thoughts on “Better customer service at your hotel, with LINK

  1. i don’t know very much about hospitality at a hotel but think the tips offered are great to keep in mind for any customer that you’re dealing with in business. it’s the little things people appreciate (:

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