LINK Provides Powerful Functionality for Creators of All Kinds

art-supplies-1Whether you’re a graphic designer, musician, photographer, or work in any number of other creative fields, you know how important your computer, tablet and backup device are. From housing the apps that allow you to create, to sharing your work and backing up files, technology tools are a must.

Yet, if you are accustomed to using all these devices for work, you know that there is significant room for improvement. Why isn’t there a seamless way to transfer files between your desktop computer and laptop? Do you always have to be worried about your hard drive running out of space, or worse, dropping the fragile device and losing everything?

With LINK, you can leave these problems behind, as well as open up new doors for creativity you previously could only dream of.

The Ultimate Storage Solution

Artists and entertainers alike know that despite the many benefits of working digitally, there are a number of headaches involved. As helpful as creative software like Adobe Creative Cloud or digital audio workstations are, the resulting files tend to be huge, taking up space on hard drives and slowing down computing time. LINK provides storage for all of your files, with incredibly fast file transfer to and from your computer. With up to 2 terabytes of data, LINK is easily able to hold all your music or graphics, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space on your computer.

LINK’s storage is not only massive, but incredibly secure, both digitally and physically. Custom security software combined with user permissions and software encryption provide a high degree of digital security and control. And physically, whether LINK accidentally makes its way into your washing machine, is spilled on, or even thrown against a wall in a fit of artist-block-induced anger, LINK will be no worse for the wear, thanks to its waterproof, weatherproof design.

Instant Connection, Limitless Opportunities

What about when you snag a meeting with potential clients, buyers or investors? LINK is more than just a storage solution. With instant streaming capabilities, LINK is also the perfect presentation partner. No more awkwardly fumbling around, trying to connect your audio or visual aids to a conference room screen or speakers.

With LINK, you can seamlessly stream your content to up to fifteen devices at once, without wondering where your connector cables are. Plus, LINK is compatible with iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Smart TVs and any WiFi device that has a browser, so you can rest easy, knowing that you’ll be able to connect and stream.

At just two inches across and one inch tall, and weighing only three ounces, LINK is convenient – yet durable enough  – to take with you to meetings or concerts. And with up to 2TB of superfast on-device storage, LINK boasts greater storage capacity than your laptop, tablet and phone combined.

One thought on “LINK Provides Powerful Functionality for Creators of All Kinds

  1. I’m always interested to know of new ways to store online. Thank you for this post. I might look into this. I had an external hard drive but it fell so many times it stopped working. Luckily everything I saved was on an older laptop I no longer use.

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