On the road or at home, LINK keeps important personal records secure but close at hand

healthcareThose in the tech realm frequently discuss how new “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices are poised to change every facet of our day-to-day lives. These discussions have taken a big turn toward healthcare of late, as numerous devices are set to come to market that help not only monitor your vitals, but also keep you better in touch with your healthcare providers.

In most conversations, these devices are synched up right to your body – commonly referred to as wearables, like smart watches or Fitbit. LINK, however, is a different kind of IoT device that can help you better connect with your doctor and get the best healthcare possible. This isn’t accomplished by keeping tabs on your heart rate, but by connecting the personal information pertaining to your identity and health record directly to your providers in a secure, seamless manner.

Wherever you are, your medical records are in reach

Because LINK is able to leverage your wireless data to access Internet portals remotely, you can instantly upload a wealth of medical history, prescription information and contraindication alerts to a healthcare provider’s system or directory anywhere you need it. Let’s say you’re on vacation, for instance, and need to get your medical information over to a local doctor to take care of an unforeseen ailment. You can instantly connect with that provider’s system to inform him of any preexisting conditions that might affect your treatment.

Use LINK’s secure platform to keep sensitive data safe

There’s also a boon when it comes to security, as your medical information comes part-in-parcel with some of the same personal data that thieves can use to steal your identity. By saving all of this information within your LINK, you can utilize stringent, HIPAA-compliant security protocols to ensure your records are only accessed by approved healthcare professionals – not to mention help you find the most pertinent ones available.

In any setting, LINK helps keep the important stuff organized

Even when you aren’t remote, LINK is a great tool to help you automatically update physician recommendations and prescription information to your personal ERA file. Because LINK lives in either your purse, pocket or palm of your hand, updates to your ERA file that may otherwise feel “out of sight, out of mind” can be addressed in real-time when you take advantage of LINK’s two terabyte data capacity to harness all this information.

At the end of the day, LINK removes the paperwork from your relationship with healthcare providers, making it easier to update your records as changes occur and also helping you and your providers stay better organized. All of this is in the service of improving how you’re treated, whether you’re in an emergency situation in a remote locale, or simply need to get your files organized.

Measuring just two inches across, one inch tall, and weighing only three ounces with up to 2TB of superfast on-device storage, LINK boasts greater storage capacity than your laptop, phone and tablet combined – enough capacity to keep practically all your files saved in a safe, secure and easy-to-access spot. LINK is due to be commercially available in Spring 2017. For more information, click here.

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