Fasetto Review: Mr. Robot Continues To Succeed in Changing Digital Landscape

online-securityBack in 2015, USA Network become a serious player in the age of “peak TV” when it debuted the sleeper-hit series “Mr. Robot” to massive critical acclaim. The show, which is among the first in a growing group of “technothrillers” flooding the small screen, follows a psychologically-unstable cyber security engineer named Eliot who moonlights as a member of the “hacktivist” movement fsociety.

In Mr. Robot, Eliot and his fellow fsociety members deal in a world where exchanging data securely is a top priority. The group utilizes subversive channels outside of mainstream or “wired” connections to prevent their activities from being tracked, all while keeping lines of communication open despite finding themselves in often risky situations.

It turns out that Mr. Robot fans are starting to take on some of the subversive traits of fsociety when it comes to their viewing habits, as many are choosing to forego the traditional method of watching the show live in favor of streaming services. Despite remaining one of the buzziest new shows of the past few years, the televised ratings of the show have actually dropped considerably with each passing season.

When the second season premiere debuted this past July, for instance, it pulled in the show’s lowest live ratings yet. However, just like on Mr. Robot, things aren’t always as they seem: Live+3 ratings, which keep tabs on the number of views that come from streaming or download services for regularly televised programs – figures that aren’t accounted for in traditional next-day ratings systems – showed that each Mr. Robot episode typically has triple the on-demand audience it does during its initial telecast.

These viewing habits have actually been engrained in Mr. Robot fans since the show’s inception. Having realized that the target demographic for Mr. Robot is tech-savvy individuals who probably spend more time looking at a computer or tablet than their television, USA actually debuted the show online a month before it hit airwaves in the summer of 2015. As a result, almost 3 million viewers watched the premiere episode online before the 1.75 million households who tuned in for its broadcast debut.

Both the viewing habits of Mr. Robot’s fans and the overall themes of the show speak volumes about how consumer tastes for media are shifting as the world becomes more connected. Now, individuals can binge their favorite programs seemingly wherever and whenever they want.

LINK by Fasetto helps the modern consumer embrace the same “hacktivist” attitude toward television viewing by giving users all the connectivity they need in a device that can fit in their pocket. Users can safely and securely download the entire first two seasons of Mr. Robot to their LINK and then stream it directly to their devices – and those of their friends – regardless of whether or not they have direct access to the Internet or data coverage.

Just as Mr. Robot is changing not just how we view television but the types of programming that viewers are able to watch, Fasetto is looking to revolutionize how we interact with every facet of our increasingly digital world. And just like Eliot, LINK’s aim is to break down the barriers that keep us from the information and media we most want access to.

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