Meet the Team at CES: Josh Clark

Josh has experience at CES, so LINK up with him at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, especially if you also want to check out some of the next-gen VR on display from competitors. Here’s a look at some of his hopes for CES and his experiences from past events!

Tell us your best “CES story” from past years’ events?

We have some great people who take care of us (and, our stomachs) while we’re working the booth. The last time I was at CES, I was very hydrated and full of sandwiches!

What are your top three goals for CES2017?

  • Don’t get sick
  • Hope for a smooth show
  • Have fun

Aside from your own booth, what demonstrations/tech are you looking forward to most at CES 2017?

I am mostly looking forward to AMD’s new CPU!

What’s your favorite thing about Fasetto’s presence at this year’s CES (that you’re allowed to discuss)?

Our booth will be awesome!

What’s the best way for attendees to get in touch with you at the show?

Stop by Fasetto’s booth, stand #16734.

And now, some fun questions:

What do you want to use LINK for?


What is your favorite video game?

My all time favorite is Quake 2 Weapons Factory, and my current favorite is New Doom.

If you’re at CES 2017, LINK will be available for demonstrations January 5-8 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, stand 16734. Come meet Josh and the rest of the team to see what LINK is all about!


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