Meet The Team at CES: Jesse Alvar

Are you also a big car buff and want to discuss the latest concepts at this year’s CES? LINK up with Jesse Alvar, Fasetto’s Graphic Designer, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to discuss the best rides at the show as well as what he expects Fasetto to bring to the party!

jesse-alvarTell us your best “CES story” from past years’ events?

I don’t have a specific story. However, my favorite thing about CES is when you explain the product to other people in the industry and see the awe and amazement on their faces. That is, quite frankly, the best reaction you can ask for.

What are your top three goals for #CES2017?

Stay healthy, have fun and spread the word about our amazing product.

Aside from your own booth, what demonstrations/tech are you looking forward to most at #CES2017?

I am a big car fan, so I always look forward to seeing all the new concept cars that are displayed at CES. Aside from that, I like to find that perhaps lesser-known booth that is showing off something unique.

What’s your favorite thing about Fasetto’s presence at this year’s CES (that you’re allowed to discuss)?

Well, for one, our booth is 20X bigger and badder! Plus, our product has finally hit its complete design and the hardware is all new as well. We have a lot to tell everyone!

What’s the best way for attendees to get in touch with you at the show?

Stop by the booth! Come check us out at stand #16734! We will be there for the full event!

And now, some fun questions:

What do you want to use LINK for?

The sheer convenience of LINK is what I am most looking forward to. I really want to use LINK for work; not having to worry about what computer my files are on would be huge for me. I mostly work on a desktop, but if I leave my office and work on my laptop, not having all the same files with me is a pain. With LINK, everything will be accessible, at all times.

What is your favorite video game?

I am a big fan of the entire Halo series. That is definitely my go-to game! Lately, though, I have been putting in some late nights on Titanfall!

Is Vegas ready for Fasetto?

I don’t think the world is ready for Fasetto.

If you’re at CES 2017, LINK will be available for demonstrations January 5-8 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, stand 16734. Come meet Jesse and the rest of the team to see what LINK is all about!

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