Holiday Tech Gift Guide: Gifts for Spouses or Parents

9qndjmrmebe-david-everett-stricklerStumped on what to get your parents for the holidays this December? Tired of giving your spouse the same boring gifts year after year? In this guide, we’ll give you some ideas for exciting, useful tech gifts.

Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones

Check out the new Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones, a great gift for the music or fitness fanatic. These sweat-resistant, water-resistant buds are designed especially for workouts or being on-the-go, with a cable that wraps around the head to keep them in place. The lightweight buds connect to your phone via Bluetooth and can play tunes for up to 12 hours on a single charge, so you’re always pumped up and ready to power through the next workout.

Plus, after this fall’s release of the iPhone 7, notoriously without a dedicated headphone jack, wireless earphones are looking more and more like the future of headphone design. Powerbeats3 will cost you $199.95 and come in a number of colors (white, black, yellow, red and blue).


Perfect for the grill devotee in your life, GrillBot is an automatic grill-cleaning robot. Simply place GrillBot on your grill, press a button, and it cleans everything for you. Plus, the LCD alarm and timer mean that you can set up GrillBot and forget about it, and it will notify you when the cleaning process is done. GrillBot works on all kinds of grills, comes in four color options (black, red, blue and orange) and retails for $129.95.

Tile Slim or Tile Mate

Is your spouse or parent constantly losing their wallet? Keys? Phone? Tile may be just the present you’ve been looking for. Tile connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth 4.0 and reaches up to 100 feet away. Tell the Tile app you can’t find your wallet, and the Tile in your wallet will start ringing. It works the other way as well – if you misplace your phone, you can double tap on Tile to make your phone ring loudly.

Tile offers two device options: Tile Slim ($30), the thickness of two credit cards, is perfect for wallets, laptops or purses – anything that has a slim profile. If your spouse tends to lose their keys, however, opt for Tile Mate ($25), which has a key hole for easy attachment to keys, luggage and more.

And for a free bonus, make sure that their digital life is as accessible and secure as their keys. Give the gift of knowing that all your files are securely backed up: Help your spouse or parent download the Fasetto app (10GB completely free), so they can rest easy knowing that all their files are securely backed up.

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