At Industry Events, Plan for the Unexpected

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No matter what industry you work in, there are likely a slew of events, conventions, symposiums and annual gatherings that at least some members of your team are tasked with attending every year. For us at Fasetto, our biggest gathering on the calendar is the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where tech companies of all stripes – and across industry verticals – come together to learn about new devices hitting the consumer marketplace, while amplifying the noise around their own product offerings.

One thing that anyone will notice at an event like CES is just how crowded the whole scene can be. Despite basically turning the entirety of Las Vegas into an extension of the main exhibitor space, the city is still packed to the gills with companies looking to make their voices heard – and teams that are often stretched thin trying to take in all that the show has to offer.

For instance, members of your team may spread out across the showroom floor to do some strategic networking, whether that is to get face time with a top-tier reporter or even just explore possible sales leads. There are a number of solutions that you and your team can employ to stay in touch with each other throughout a massive gathering of industry peers so that deadlines are met and appointments are kept, resulting in a rewarding – albeit hectic – experience for all team members.

Anticipate Broken Lines of Communication

Even at tech-centric gatherings like CES, massive crowds can put a strain on network bandwidth, making it hard for team members to stay in touch simply using text or phone call. There’s also the fact that large crowds tend to get boisterous, so even hearing the person on the other end of the line when you can get reception on your cell is difficult.

For starters, make sure everyone has access to an app that enables communication even when internet or data connectivity is strained. While you will need a connection to access the Fasetto app, users can engage with most of its functions whether or not they are online. This means that notes can be shared and important updates can be messaged using the app whether users are in a loud room or a relative dead zone, which will help all team members stay on point throughout.

You also want to make sure that your teams are coordinating to physically meet up at different touch points throughout the day. Go into the event with a set time – maybe lunch or before a large seminar – to catch up and collect your thoughts.

Naturally, things will come up that may prohibit certain team members from getting to the check-in. Set a backup time ideally within an hour or two of the original meeting so that team members have leeway to schedule an impromptu meeting without feeling obligated to interrupt their day to inform the larger team. If the same team members miss the second meetup without any correspondence, then it may be time to try their cell – direct tweet them with a booth # and time to reconvene

While you and your team may be all over the showroom floor and attending different seminars, this actually can be a great opportunity to ramp up your social efforts. Be sure to use #CES2017 and come up with a unique tag for your company so that you can track all of your tweets under one campaign all while contributing to the event’s social efforts as well.

These are just a few tricks that you should employ to keep headaches at a minimum and productivity on point during major industry gatherings.

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