Back-to-School Tech: Best Tablets for Class

tablet-online-shopping-ecommerceJust as notebook computers retired paper pads when it came to note taking more than a decade ago, tablets are now usurping laptops on college campuses across the country. No student starting school this fall should be lugging a cumbersome or outdated laptop between classes when there are an array of tablets on the market that can help students stay on top of their studies. Here’s a rundown on some of the more popular models on the market that you should consider investing in to kick the new semester off right.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

This is as close to a laptop in terms of functionality as you can get. This powerful machine is underpinned by Windows 10, giving users basically all the capabilities of a desktop computer, but packaged in the extremely portable casing of a tablet computer. However, just like a desktop, you basically need a keyboard to get all you can out of this computer, which is a feature sold on top of the roughly $800 asking price for the tablet.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

This computer offers a lot of the functionality of the Surface Pro 4 with a keyboard not only included in the MSRP but built in. It lacks some of the style and panache of the Microsoft tablet, but it’s still a great option that has a solid processor and most of the standard programs that come with other Windows OS products.

Apple iPad Pro

The big news about the latest iteration of the game-changing iPad from Apple is the Pencil stylus that the company unveiled earlier this year. This makes the iPad the perfect tablet for art students who can use these devices to both type up reports and sketch their latest assignments. However, the Pencil is sold separately as well as the requisite keyboard needed to effectively take notes, making the iPad one of the less affordable tablet packages to consider.


Rather than focus on a specific model of e-Reader to review, we’d just like to iterate that these are great for reading assignments and textbook substitutes, but they don’t come with the functionality of a Windows- or iOS-powered tablet, meaning you’ll still need some kind of supplemental device to take notes and work on larger scale products.

No matter which device you choose, the programs that allow you to collaborate with peers and ultimately store your assignments are what will really make your tablet deliver. The Fasetto app can facilitate all of the file-sharing, SMS and storage needs any college student requires to make the best out of their next semester.

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