Back-To-School Tech: Digital Streaming for the Dorm

vintage-tvA few years ago, buying electronics for college was a very expensive undertaking. But as we’ve evolved into a more digital-centric world – one where the freshman class of 2016 grew up using smart phones and tablets – a wealth of gadgets are now available for students to bring along to college without breaking the bank.

Not every piece of tech a student brings with them to the dorm has to be exclusively for studying, mind you. In this the first installment of our affordable tech for college series, we’ll look at some of the affordable gadgets that students can use to make the most of their downtime when they’re on campus, specifically when it comes to video streaming.

Google Chromecast

One of the best things about living on campus is that you are in an environment that encourages you to leave your dorm room and socialize with peers, not stay inside and watch television. But in an age of binge-watching, you’re bound to be popular with your dorm mates if you can turn Netflix, Hulu or your other favorite streaming services on the common room TV for watching parties or quiet weekends stuck on campus. Chromecast was updated in 2015 and can be purchased for only roughly $35, allowing you to stream from most of your favorite subscription services. While this is the cheapest option for streaming on the market, Chromecast won’t allow you to use you Amazon video subscription, and it requires that you use your phone or tablet as the remote.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

This streaming device addresses the downsides of the Chromecast. You can watch most of the same streaming services as well as Amazon Video, and the device only costs roughly $5 more than a retail Chromecast. And for $10 more, you can buy a dedicated, voice-activated remote that features some Alexa-enhanced capabilities.

Roku Streaming Stick

The granddaddy of all streamin sticks, Roku continues to be a market leader. While it’s a bit more expensive than the Amazon or Google offerings at roughly $50, it was redesigned for 2016 to be much faster than previous models and includes the ability to listen to programming remotely through headphones plugged into the jack on your smartphone.

While these will help you bring digital media to your HD TV screen, the Fasetto app allows you to share music, video and a wealth of other data in a cloud setting that can be accessed only by other Fasetto users. This is perfect for sharing content with peers as you kick off the school year, whether you’re sharing notes from class or the latest viral video.

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