The Websites Every College Student Needs to Amp Productivity, Part 1

college-students(Almost) Every college student goes into the fall with the best intentions of having a productive, relatively stress-free semester where they ace their courses, maintain peace with their dorm mates and can still sport a healthy social life. As any college student who has lived through a fall semester can tell you, however, meeting these goals is much easier said than done.

College is designed to throw curveballs at you to prepare you for the unpredictable challenges you’ll inevitably face in the real world. But meeting these challenges head on and with confidence isn’t impossible if you take cues from a few readily available resources designed specifically to help  deal with both the stress and monotony of college life.

Here is a selection of a few top-tier websites that College Students should keep bookmarked to navigate the choppy waters of the fall semester, along with some of our own tips for keeping your organized during the school year.

College Info Geek

This is a multimedia resource that encompasses a blog, podcast and Youtube channel aimed at solving problems for all college students, no matter what their age or year. The blog is regularly updated by founding members and existing college students who know first hand how to tackle things like waking up in time for an early seminar to putting together plans to handle problem roommates. It’s a great tool, constantly updated and even gives aspiring advice columnists an avenue for publishing their own work.

Study Guides and Strategies

This site is great for the college student who likes trial and error. The scheduler tool allows students to basically track their time to see, for instance, how many hours they spend watching Netflix versus cramming for a final exam. Once the scheduler lays out how your week looks in real time, it sets the gears in motion for users to adjust their habits and adopt more productive schedules that better balance the downtime that keeps you sane with the necessary study hours you need to pass.


You haven’t entered the workforce yet, but you’ll still need a solid resume when you go to college. You’ll be subject to the same style of interviews when applying for internships and work studies that you will once you have your degree, so be sure to compile all of your achievements and work experience then use this useful resume building tool to make it all come together.

Of course, you’ll need more than just tips and suggestions to get through college. A tool like the Fasetto app can help you easily keep track of your assignments and projects by sharing them with your peers in a safe cloud environment. Stay tuned for more suggestions on how to keep your positive momentum going even after the honeymoon period of the fall semester comes to pass.

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