Back-to-School Tech: Dorm Tools Under $50

ipad-tablet-technology-touch-pcNotebooks and binders are no longer serious educational tools on today’s college campuses. While some may still prefer to jot down notes in a moleskin using a number two pencil, professors expect their students to follow digital syllabuses that live in online blackboards, collaborate over the cloud and follow webinars. This means that the modern college student needs to be tech savvy in order to succeed this fall.

Living on campus isn’t always about getting to class on time and studying hard, however. Students are going to need tech to help them adapt to living away from mom and dad for the first time. This includes solutions to help with fending off the “freshman 15,” keeping all of your different devices organized and cared for and even tools to stay in touch with family and friends back home. Here’s a run down on some of tools that will prove invaluable to college students making the best of their fall semester.

Misfit Flash

College students are characteristically cash strapped, and therefore may not come to campus with their Apple Watch in tow. That doesn’t mean they haven’t looked into other wristbands that do double duty as a watch and a small computer. The Misfit Flash is one of the only true fitness tracking wristbands that can be bought for $30 or less. This watch can link up with Androids and iPhones, allowing undergrads to track their steps between classes and map out routes that will keep them physically fit as they stretch their intellectual muscles.

Tylt Energi 2K

This device is more than just your standard USB charger, as it comes with a rechargeable, high-power battery unit built in, making it a portable external battery pack for many of your devices. It’s been proven to almost double the battery life of phones and can speed up the charging process when you’re on the go. It’s got a clean, no-frills look and comes in three different colors – blue, black and lime green – but is also the perfect canvas for stickers promoting school clubs or activities.

Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard

While wireless keyboards are hardly still considered next-gen technology, this device acts as a control panel between all the devices a college student may need – their smartphone, tablet and laptop, for instance – with toggles that can switch functionality between each seamlessly. This is great for keeping disparate content that may live in different areas organized when the time comes to put the finishing touches on an important project.

This tech all complements the Fasetto app in that it enables students to access the documents and files they share to the cloud through Fasetto with greater ease. Organization and agility like that are key when going into the new school year.

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