It’s ALMOST Official – Enterprise Cloud Will Be Prolific Within Five Years

readingWe recently discussed on this blog how a newly-released survey of 210 IT managers found that attitudes toward public cloud for enterprise data and communication are increasingly becoming rosier in the eyes of important decision makers. More data has come out supporting this view that sheds even greater light on the expanded role that public cloud will play in the enterprise arena over the next five years.

As is to be expected, security was the top concern that those who haven’t or are still considering cloud adoption credit as their reasoning for holding off. This was followed closely by the costs of converting to cloud – another factor that should come as no surprise to those following cloud trends.

This new report did more than just gauge the overall attitude of IT managers, however. In the survey of 400 IT leaders conducted by Logicworks, 96 percent of respondents reported confidently that they plan to expand their use of public cloud – whether for storage or to take advantage of useful business apps – in the next five years. Doubling down, 95 percent of those surveyed feel that their companies are prepared to make the switch seamlessly in that time span.

There are a few hurdles for businesses, however, that come to light when digging through the results of the extensive questionnaire. For instance, 80 percent of respondents voiced that their company’s leadership underestimates how much time goes into establishing and maintaining cloud resources, not to mention the potential long-term costs. Adding to this is the fact that 40 percent of the IT leaders who took part in the report don’t believe their staff is properly trained to work with cloud-based systems, let alone find a good DevOps engineer – a need more than half of respondents identified.

Any organization exploring a more to the cloud will be familiar with these concerns, especially when it comes to moving massive workloads or data loads out of corporate data centers or private networks. There are, however, applications like Fasetto which offer a cross-platform solution for cloud storage, file sharing and messaging that can help improve employee collaboration through the cloud without moving the entire company’s IT operation into a cloud environment.

Learn more about the potential opportunities to expand collaboration and store your files through Fasetto both for your personal content and your professional documents.

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