Survey Shows IT Managers, SMBs Warming Up to Public Cloud

it-administrator-with-notebookOne of the biggest hurdles to public cloud adoption for many enterprise users has been coming to terms with potential security risks. For many businesses, the thought of exchanging sensitive or confidential data or communications through the cloud seemed too risky in the early days of cloud adoption. Because many companies keep their data stores in physical servers that live on-premise, it was difficult at first to imagine how a seemingly intangible “cloud” could be less prone to hackers or outside interference than storage managed by their own IT teams.

A recent survey of 210 IT executives conducted by SADA Systems found that the attitudes toward security in the cloud are finally shifting, with more enterprise decision makers favoring cloud or hybrid-cloud architectures for data storage and exchange than ever before.

The key takeaways from the survey find that 51 percent of those who partook said data security is better in the cloud than in their own data centers. Adding to that sentiment, 58 percent of the respondents said public cloud was the most secure, flexible and cost-effective solution for their businesses. And while not a huge number, one of the more telling statistics says that 13 percent of the IT managers who participated in the poll “trusted public cloud providers more than their internal teams” to handle their businesses data and applications.

One of the driving forces behind this attitude shift is the fact that external and even internal security threats are now so prevalent, frequent and complex that many IT teams are ill-equipped to handle the deluge on their own. Cloud providers are extremely security-conscious because they understand this is what their customer-base is concerned about. Because all cloud providers are in fierce competition for market share, they are doing all they can to pull ahead of each other to deliver the most secure cloud platform, to the benefit of the consumer.

Aside from increasingly proving more secure than a lot of enterprise IT data bases, cloud platforms are also helping enterprises streamline workflows through the exchange or information over cloud-based applications like Fasetto. The Fasetto app, solutions and Link allow users to centralize files, photos, music and videos so that they can be access from any device at any time – even without continual access to the public Internet.

Learn more about our cross-platform cloud storage, content sharing and messaging program and how it can streamline your workflow for both business and personal use.

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