Productivity Hacks from the Pros, Part 1: Pretend – and Procrastinate – Productively

team-teamwork-meetingWe all have “off days” – those times where it seems like there is nothing that can motivate us to engage in even the simplest work task. While it’s never good to be sleeping on the clock, it’s okay to change pace day-by-day on the job to keep your workload and your sanity on an even keel. But even when you feel like the prospect of accomplishing the task at hand before quitting time seems hopeless, there are certain tasks that you can do in the short- and long-term that can help regulate your productivity, meet deadlines and not feel burnt out when all is said and done.

Pretend you’re “In Flight”

Some of us travel often for work, while others only rarely enjoy an exotic trip on the company dime. For most of us, however, travel is a far more infrequent work requirement.

Regardless, Bryan Guido Hassin, a University professor who’s been involved with numerous successful startups, tells INC that by getting in the mindset that you’re on the road at least once or twice a week, you can really file away some important tasks that have demanded a lot of your generally stretched-thin attention.

Hassin frequently has had to travel on long, intercontinental flights that leave him relatively disconnected for many hours at a time. Without the distraction of phones buzzing, private network connections and the overall office atmosphere, he found he was able to focus best on his work while flying at cruising altitude. By blocking out at least one day a week on his calendar – or two half days – he could replicate this experience in a remote location other than on a 747.

One of the benefits of the Fasetto app is that you can access your files and content even when you don’t have a consistent internet connection, which makes it easier to leave your work network behind without abandoning your storage in the cloud.

Procrastinate productively

Even when you’re completely lacking motivation to do the work you’re assigned, you’ll often still find a way to avert your attention elsewhere. There isn’t anything wrong with taking some time to focus on things outside of work while toiling at your desk, but don’t waste it by just skimming through your Facebook or Twitter feed.

Look for something specific to focus on so that your mind can relax rather than jumping between “stories” or “events” on your social media timelines. Find an interesting story in a magazine or newspaper to dive into to divert your attention completely away from the work at hand. This way, you won’t waste your time procrastinating thinking in the back of your mind about the looming project that you’re putting off. In turn, you’re less likely to procrastinate longer since your time mentally removed from work was actually relaxing enough to put you in a productive mindset.

Stay tuned for more productivity tips on this continual series for the blog!

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