Leaked Images, Manual Give Look at GoPro Hero 5


The next-generation of GoPro’s flagship camera, the Hero 5, isn’t set to hit the market until later this year, but images and videos leaked on a number of websites this week give us a glimpse into what to expect when the new tech finally hits the streets.

For starters, a collection of supposedly leaked images shared on Mashable show a camera that doesn’t look all that dissimilar from the previous Hero 4 model. The rectangular design that characterizes the GoPro brand is set to stay, with the lens and front facing screen right where you’d find them on previous iterations of the camera.

Things get a bit more interesting when you notice that all of the buttons on the front of the Hero 4 appear to be cleared off of the next generation model. Instead, a large screen on the back indicates that the rumored touch screen menu that the manufacturer has been promising for some time will finally make its GoPro debut – a late but welcome addition.

Another big departure from previous generations is the characteristic color scheme, as the Hero 5 appears to abandon the silver and black casing for an all-black, matte rubber look, which indicates that, like the Hero 4, this new model will be waterproof right out of the box and won’t require the extra plastic casing of GoPros past.

A leaked user’s manual for the GoPro has also come to light, which delivers a mix of good and bad news when it comes to tech upgrades. For instance, there seem to be the same video options on the Hero 5 that were available on the 4 – at least in terms of resolution – which indicates that they’ll be recycling the same imaging chip in the new model from the last. Considering the Hero 4 is a market-best product when it comes to resolution for this kind of device, it’s not wholly unexpected that the next generation would feature the same underlying tech. Still, it would have been nice to see a truly game changing underpinning this round.

One upgrade that we can be excited about in the new Hero 5, if the leaked manual is to be believed, is that image stabilization will likely be available on almost all shooting modes but 4K or at a frame rates higher more than 60 per second.

There is still a lot unknown about the Hero 5, including what kind of storage it can offer users. However, the Fasetto app and LINK is the perfect way for GoPro users to upload videos into the cloud and share with friends, anytime and anyplace.

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