Headcam Tips for Obstacle Races

Climbing Rocks Hands Leather Gloves ReachingGoPros and other headcams are all the rage in action sports these days, letting casual observers share in the excitement of scaling a new peak or crossing a finish line that is usually only reserved for the athlete. Whether recording for training purposes or just to show off, there are correct and incorrect ways to mount and use a GoPro during an obstacle race like the Iron Man challenge that will affect how watchable or effective the end product is.

If you are brave enough to take on one of these challenges, don’t let shoddy camera work ruin your video memories of the day. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re capturing every glorious moment of the event to leave your friends, family and fans in awe.

  1. Memorize your best angles – Many amateur GoPro users underestimate how far they need to angle their headcams down to avoid just filming skyward. As a result, they’ll check their footage at the end of the race only to see some shaky cloud cover rather than screaming supporters waiting at the finish line. Play around with your camera in the mirror and preview footage before the event to understand what angles work best for the image you’re looking to capture. This way, you can adjust simply by recalling muscle memory when you need to climb a rock wall, for instance, and you want to retrieve a downward action angle.
  2. Don’t drain your battery – There are very few benefits to simply leaving your headcam on throughout the duration of the race. For starters, most of the footage you’re going to capture will inevitably be shaky and unusable, meaning you only have to really press record at the most exciting times of the race. After all, GoPros have notoriously short battery lives, and you’ll likely have no power left to record once you actually get to the finish line.
  3. Keep the lens clean – During obstacle races, mud is an inevitability. The good thing about GoPros is that they are waterproof, so dipping the device in water shouldn’t hurt the camera, but it may not solve your visibility problem. In fact, once the water gets even the slightest bit muddy, it may inevitably make the problem worse. Rather, wait until the mud is relatively dry, then use any patch of clean clothing you can access to gently swipe away the clumps of dirt.
  4. Back it all up! – Using the Fasetto App and Link device, back up all of your footage no matter where the obstacle race is taking place. Even if you are out of an area where you can’t access Wi-Fi or data, this device allows you to back up your video files and clear out your headcam for more hours of filming.

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