Using GoPro to Capture Your Need for Speed

14420644 - luxury red sport car speeding in a underground parking garageGoPros are nearly ubiquitous among those who drive fast – whether professionally on a circuit or recreationally, wherever speed isn’t outlawed. These small cameras bring the world of action video to the masses with their durability, affordability and high-definition capability, allowing amateur videographers to record their racing prowess and bring fans behind the steering wheel and on the track.

Because so many people now record using a GoPro, it’s important that drivers get creative so that their action videos stand out from the pack. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the best angles and perspectives to enhance your videos and make the most out of your GoPro.

A Real Front Row View

Using extreme care, attempt to mount a camera inside of your car’s grille. For those who are self-conscious about the GoPro being too visible, this is a great way to practically hide the camera while actually delivering footage that gives viewers the best sensation of speed. The lower you position the camera the better perspective you’ll get of the pavement and the landmarks you zoom by during your shoot.

Broadcast the Audience Reaction

Have a passenger riding shotgun while you’re showing off your driving skills? GoPros have a wide angle lens, so mounting the camera near the passenger-side A-pillar will allow you to catch the very real reactions of those in the car, giving you reels of reaction footage to enhance your videos.

Up-close View of the Wheel Hubs

This shot can potentially get messy, depending on what surface you’re driving on and whether or not slides are your thing. But getting a little dirty is all part of the fun of a GoPro action video. Use a suction-mount and place the camera a few inches behind the driver’s side wheel hub, sticking out another couple of inches to highlight wheel motion.

Wave Bye to the Competition

You of course want to get a shot of the action taking place in your wake, so be sure to place a camera over your trunk lid to capture the competition eating your dust. Be safe about placement, as you don’t want the GoPro to be a visual impediment for you and the other drivers, so check of your rear view mirrors to ensure there is no obstruction.

Safely Store your Footage

Using the Fasetto app, you can save the footage from your GoPro directly into a cloud that can be shared among fellow users regardless of reception, wherever you are racing. This and the Link give you the freedom to test out the tracks anywhere and immediately store your footage, freeing up memory for longer days out racing.

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