The Big Data & Cloud Computing Trends You Should Be Aware of

Word Cloud with Terms of Big DataThe future of Big Data and cloud computing is now. That’s not meant to be hyperbolic. The simple fact is that organizations can’t afford to fall behind in this area. Many industry vertical landscapes are far too competitive to risk playing catch up. So listen/read carefully, because here are the two major trends that businesses need to pay attention to if they want to thrive – and we say thrive because just surviving isn’t what any business should set out to do.

The first major trend…

is the simplifying and streamlining of Big Data analysis. With the Mount Olympus-sized volumes of data being generated every day, organizations have gold mines of information at their fingertips, but they need a way of sorting through it all to find the most valuable and actionable data hidden among all the clutter.

Organizing, analyzing and interpreting Big Data will unquestionably involve other emerging trends as well, including machine learning algorithms. Major players in this space, such as Oracle, should be on every organization’s radar if they must regularly sift through stores of Big Data.

The next trend…

to pay particularly close attention to is the rise in demand for offline sharing solutions. We aren’t always in an area with a secure and reliable Internet connection, and often poor cell reception makes sharing files between coworkers on-the-go a nightmare. With an app like Fasetto, users can easily share data from device to device without needing an Internet connection, and they can also designate any file they choose to be only shared within the app itself, eliminating reliance on third-party links to share files.

Both of these trends speak to an overwhelming need for better efficiency in Big Data and cloud computing. The better we are at sharing and analyzing large amounts of information, the more equipped we will be to use that information to the benefit of our business.

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