Making Remote Workers Happy and Productive

Mobile WorkerIt’s no secret that competition for top talent in the Tech Sector is a real dogfight. In many ways, today’s workforce is far more demanding than in generations past, which puts pressure on entrepreneurs and SMBs to make working for them as appealing as humanly possible.

One of the best ways to do that is to make it clear that you’re invested in making it easy for employees to communicate and collaborate with one another. No one wants to work in a silo. The workplace has to be about inclusion, not isolation, particularly when it comes to remote workers.

For top talent, you sometimes need to go global

The reality is that some of the best talent you can find may not live where you are based out of, nor are they necessarily willing to relocate. Remote workers/satellite offices are increasingly common, but just because these workers choose not to uproot themselves or their families and move to a new city doesn’t mean they don’t want to feel like part of the team and, by extension, the company culture at large (and yes, sometimes it’s okay to use a double negative). If they feel secluded, it won’t be long before they start looking for work elsewhere.

A great way for business leaders to convince prospective employees that they are committed to an inclusive environment — and effective communication throughout the organization — is to invest in the right tools.

Apps can ease the separation anxiety

Slack is a great mobile app that indexes your files so you can search for keywords within each document. It also easily syncs with Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing team members to work together on projects via the app.

Meanwhile, Fasetto fills another gap for remote workers, allowing them to share files and messages between team members — wherever they may be — without relying on third party services or apps. By being able to choose which files are shared only within the Fasetto app, communication and collaboration can be secure, streamlined and self-reliant, meaning they won’t be subject to a Google or Dropbox outage.

With the right systems in place, remote workers will feel like part of the team, and they’ll be more productive for your business.

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